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Scientific Evidence Evolution
I wrote a reply detailing a small portion of the evidence, then discovered replies were limitted to 125 words. That makes it quite impossible to discuss that evidence in anything approaching a meaningful way. We're talking about data that fills entire sections of libraries here. I'd direct you to go visit one of those instead if you want to learn the subject.

Satan Cast Out Of Heaven
Read Revelation 12. My understanding of this passage is that Satan is not yet cast out of heaven until near the time of the tribulation. Verse 12 states "woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
3 months in office = 300 billion dollars of new debt.

4 years in office = 4.8 trillion dollars of new debt (many predict much more).

At his present rate of deficit spending, every man woman and child in the US will be $16,000 FURTHER in debt. A family of four will owe the government $64,000 for their portion of NEW government debt at the end of a 4 year term. If he keeps going for two terms, that will be $128,000 of NEW debt for every family. Somehow none of us will get $128,000 of benefit. That money will go to his precious few, working taxpayers will hold the bag.

Given that debt is largely responsible for our present recession, I'm expecting our future to be even more at risk.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I look at a broader picture. At the same time that people were saying they were saving thru mandatory social security, in reality, they were the ones voting in politicians that were robbing the piggy bank, largely to bribe votes from these very same people. So, in essence these people weren't saving for social security, they were paying the government for programs that they already received the benefits from (along with still going into further debt). Its like if I say that I am saving money in a bank for a future car purchase and then spend the money on a house, then I then blame the bank for there not being money for the car. Our olde generation had the cake and ate it too and left the future generations the debt.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I wish Obama were undoing some of the mistakes Bush made, but instead he is increasing those mistakes and adding new ones. Bush increased government health care (remember how Bush spent billions increasing Medicare prescription coverage?). Now Obama wants to nationalize health care (going to cost trillions). Remember how Bush spent billions sending troops into Afghanistan, now Obama is sending thousands more. Remember how Bush spent almost a trillion with bailouts and "stimulus" and now Obama has outspent almost 3 times that in just 3 months in office. How do you spell economic and governmental slavery for our kids and grandkids?

Hint: O _ _ _ _ .

Explain 1 John 3:5-9
This can be a very difficult thing to understand, but it simply means that you can not serve Christ and continually live in sin. This does not mean that we will not ever sin because we are Christians. Everyone will sin but those who sin and know that it is a sin, but do it anyway, can not serve Christ. If you sin on purpose without any hesitation, you can not live for Christ.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
YES. As a christian I support justice. It is simple and godly justice to carefully consider the evidence and when necessary carry out the appropriate punishment. Some childishly argue "who are we to judge" or "only God can take a life". But we effectively take away lives everyday a little at a time, by having people waste their lives watching murderers and make people waste away their lives to pay the taxes necessary to watch over murderers. God in the O.T. not only allowed but commanded that executions be done. Though Christ spoke against the problems of "eye for an eye" mentality on a personal relationship level, he was not talking about abandoning all punishments or justice.

Do Christian Prophets Exist
I don't see any prophets like during bibilical times, but what scares me is that its seems that often everyone ignored God's messangers or even persecuted them (Noah, Elijah, Christ, etc.) I wonder if we are just not listening. Paul once said that God would give prophets, apostles, etc. etc till we all come to a unity of the faith and become perfect men (Eph 4:11-14). I know I am not there yet and wonder if I'm just not listening to the prophets and apostles of God like I should.

How To Teach The Bible
It's risky to base something on just one piece of evidence. That one piece may be enough to raise our suspicions and get us thinking, but shouldn't be something you get dogmatic about. The same goes if only one writer is the sole source for a doctrine. If Paul is the only source, I give it far less weight than if Matt., Mark and Luke all say it. Many widely accepted "christian" teachings fall into both categories. So, I am a lot more skeptical about particulars than most other christians.

My Husband Abused My Trust
I have been an abusive husband, verbally and physically, have overstepped boundaries that I didn't realise were there, but still love my wife, give your husband small tasks to win your appreciation and confidence back. No one is purposefully mean. Too often we are driven by feelings instead of standards, that the partner does not appreciate your boundaries. This is how we misperceive and ultimately choose not too relate effectively. Find faith in God and HE will start giving you answers and understanding.

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