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I Don't Think God Is Real
The Sanhedrin knew Christ's resurrection was foretold, and knew if anyone stole the body and claimed it happened, what an uprising it would create. They had Roman centurions guard the tomb, and the seal of the Roman empire was placed on the tomb. Anyone who managed to get passed these highly disciplined guards and stole the body would suffer the full wrath of Rome. A giant stone that covered the entrance was moved not out of the way, but up a hill. To steal a body one, would only move such a heavy stone far enough to be able to get in. Yet no one was ever caught and executed for the stealing of the body. Surely it would be important for Rome to seek out a crucify anyone who did...

I Don't Think God Is Real
The word excruciating pain comes from crucifixion. There's not many other ways to go, that is more painful. You have to constantly pull yourself up by the nails in your hands to be able to breath. In cases where they needed to speed up the death, the legs can be broken so they can't push themselves up with their feet anymore, and they suffocate. Jesus did not fake His death on the cross. He was already dead and stayed up there quite sometime after death. They pierced His side to make sure. His legs did not have to be broken, thus fulfilling the prophesy written in Exodus, Numbers, and Psalms. Jesus death was not some random event, but planned before man even fell, and first prophesied in Gen 3:15. Still think it's a load of garbage?...

Does Hell Really Exist
Hell was not created as a place to punish man. Hell was created for Lucifer and the 1/3 of all the angels that followed his rebellion. Hell is simply the only place where God's omnipotent presence does not exist. Man is the only creation who chooses to go there. If you do not want to love God and have a relationship with Him during your time here on this earth, than you will not want to spend eternity with Him. Out of His great love, He allows us to go to a place where He and all His glory that you do not like, do not exist. You do not let people who hate you, or want nothing to do with you into your house, so why should it be any different with God.

Does Hell Really Exist
There are those in here who think there is no hell. We just seem to cease to exist, or we can just do what ever we want and still get forgiven. Well I tell you this. If you are right, I have absolutely nothing to fear. I will cease to exist and it won't matter about the silly deity I believed in all my life. All the works that I did, won't matter. My whole being will be gone. But if you are wrong, and my God is real, and you chose to reject Him, and spend eternity where He does not exist, I guarantee you will be wishing you were right. Because it would be better to not exist, than to spend eternity begging for relief from the torment. Fear not what can destroy the flesh, rather fear what can destroy the soul.

I Don't Think God Is Real
So for all of us who believe, the Bible is with out a doubt the inspired word of God. All others, I ask you take the time to read through the Bible and see for yourself how amazing it is for something written the way it was. Send 40 reporters out to cover 9/11 on the day of the tragedy, and they will all come back telling a different story.

If you do not want to read it, than your mind is made up. Your argument lacks research to back up your claims and you are reduced down to an emotional argument, something us christians are accused of making by Dawkins, Hitchens, and others. I can see the emotion in your arguments, and what you are really doing is suppressing the fact you know there is a God.

I Don't Think God Is Real
My last point I will make for a while is Jesus' followers. Right up to the Crucifixion, all but John scattered and were broken. They were in fear of being arrested and killed for following Jesus. Their master was dead, and thought all was lost. They even denied His very existence. But three days later they all suddenly changed. They were no longer afraid. They went out to all the nations and preached the Gospel, and were willing to die a death the same as their Lord's. If they stole the body, they would have never died like that for such a great lie. The only thing that could give them a sense of hope that awesome would have been the risen Christ appearing to them. His risen body was seen by over 500 hundred people.

Does Hell Really Exist

Thank yo for your reply. I used to defend the USA's reasoning for the bombings, until I went to the museum and saw the horrors of the aftermath. The Atom, and plutonium bombs were indeed dropped, and that is not a lie. Those who say otherwise, are resentful of the mistake we made. A firebombing attack doesn't create heat so intense that peoples shadows are left behind etched forever into the concrete. The body blocks the flash just long enough to prevent the concrete from burning an equal amount of time.

In regards to the Emperor, read the accounts of the B-29 Boomerang, and how they prevented the overthrow of the Emperor by the top military leaders.

Does Hell Really Exist
The Japanese had not surrendered before the Hiroshima Bomb, and the military had no intention on surrendering after Nagasaki. They had planned to overthrow the emperor to prevent him from surrendering as a means to protect him. It wasn't until we agreed to let the Japanese keep their emperor as a symbolic figure would they agree to total surrender. The people of Japan were ready to repel any invasion, and we were going to nuke a path to Tokyo from the beach, not knowing the radiation effects. We could have bombed them to oblivion, and it wouldn't have done any good. It wasn't until we let agreed to spare their Emperor, that they surrendered.

Does Hell Really Exist
It is the single biggest atrocity that man has ever done, because it was not about saving lives of americans, we would have marched our troops through the radiation from the path we made to Tokyo. We didn't need to invade, we didn't need to starve them out. All we had to do was modify the terms of surrender that we would not try and execute their emperor Who was their god. My country murdered thousands of Japanese so we could send a message to the soviets that we had the bigger guns. Of course more people were killed in the fire bombings of Tokyo than the two atom bombs combined. I have been to the Hiroshima Memorial. I will never forget.

Evolution versus Creationism
Things evolve so they can become stronger and better equipped to survive. Only the amount of time it takes to evolve into something more suitable to survive takes too long, and chances are it would have died out. For example how long would it take for a land based animal to evolve into a bird that can fly. so for millions of years, this thing would have these two useless things on it that provide nothing helpful to survive. If it could survive over the course of a few millions of years, they might become wings. The bird would have never made it before it could fly.

I Don't Think God Is Real
I know God is real. This is not some blind faith that led me to realize this. It starts with the Bible. Have you ever heard of a book written over 1400-1800 years, containing 66 books, written by over 40+authors in three different languages on three continents. By Kings and peasants, in times of peace, and times of war. It's historical, and scientific. there is 400 years of silence between the end of the OT and the start of the NT. It all tells of Christ bringing salvation to man, and doesn't contradict itself. Try doing that without God's inspiration. Read it in it's entirety and say I am wrong. Thats where I started

Do Aliens And UFOs Exist
I am only going to say this once so everyone pay attention...UFOs are absolutely real, and do exist. They are UN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. Thats it. There are things passed by in the sky that were not able to be identified. The fact that we didn't look in time to identify the object make it a mystery. Aliens? Not a chance. This universe to too fine tuned for life to exist on this planet and the chances of all these factors falling into place like with out planet are virtually impossible.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless

In regards to marriage, you can also read the entire Song of Solomon, there is a great picture of the bride and bridegroom.

No Instruments In My Church
Mary Ann

I hope you are not using Microphones as well. These are not only considered musical instruments, but something man made as well. You should discontinue use immediately.

Actually I wouldn't worry about using musical instruments. Worry about where each and everyone's heart is while singing. Sing in spirit with or without instruments, and it is pleasing to God. All He hears is your spirit rejoicing His name

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Whether Mary had other children or not is irrelevant. Who the Son of God is, is the only thing you need to be concerned about. All these petty little differences are just keeping you from experiencing Christ living inside you. Focus on the Lord and none of this stuff matters. If it did, Jesus would have made it clear whether He had brothers or not. Anyone who does the will of God is are His brothers.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
The Catholic Church has canonized the Bible, therefore they believe it is the inspired word of God. They assembled the scriptures to make what we now call the Bible. They stand behind it as truth, and we know it's suitable for teaching, reproof, correcting, and training in righteousness.

So do you deny what the church canonized as God's truth? Do you reject, the scriptures that the Lord quoted many times during His ministry here on Earth? Do you accept what your church declared as truth, or do you reject what your church declared as truth. The Word of God was here before any of us were created, and as such is HE is the only infallible Being.

How Was Eve Deceived
...If a priest or pastor said the same thing would you stand up and accuse him of spreading lies, or would you ask for clarification? I have never met a fellow brother as hostel as you. I have been more than nice, and pleaded with you many times, yet you refuse to reflect the light of Christ to others as the moon reflects the sun onto this dark world. You have done little for the edification of the saints. I don't care if you disagree with me, but lets have a discussion with a display of brotherly love so we can grow in our faith. If you would rather just argue, that stop reading my posts if you think I am doing nothing but spreading lies...

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