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Receive Power From On High
I don't know where that came from but if that statement were true none of the prophets in the old testament would have had any ability because the Holy Spirit aka The Comforter came at pentacost. Also that statement is wrong purely in new testament terms because tongues is just 1 of many different gifts of the Spirit. Read 1st Corinthians and you will read of some of them and that each is, like us, different in it's function like members of the body.

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
God, Christ and the Holy Ghost have not forsaken you. God's and our love (concern) for you is eternal. There are times when you must learn to make decisions and examine the results for yourself. Whether the outcome is good or bad is relative these things are for God to decide. In comparison to God we are but children we always will be.Allow God to teach you, allow the Holly Ghost to comfort you, and allow Christ to guide you. In life all will slip and fall short. That is why we are granted all the gifts of the spirit. God dislikes darkness in all it's forms not the humanity that he has created.

Hold onto God he will restore your faith.

Refinance My Mortage Now
If they are going to be living in the house beyond 2-3 yrs that would enable them to recoup the finance charges "Yes". If they are planning on moving in less than that time then "No" it would not be to their advantage.

What Is A Real Church
A good example of a real church is the Catholic Church.

No, they are not perfect. Many problems. The same could be said about any person, nation, church, etc. Romans 3:12.

A "real" church is one that makes a "real" attempt to follow after GOD. As we all know, all churches fall short of GOD's glory to some degree. No church is totally perfect. Only GOD is 100% perfect.

Catholic Pope A False Prophet
The Roman Catholic Church is one of the few organizations that upholds Biblcal teachings that the world has seemingly turned a "blind eye" to. Examples: Abortion, Marriage, and Family. Yes, the RCC has it's problems. But so do other churches in the world.

I believe that the RCC pope could be a "false prophet". However, the same could be said for other leaders in other churches. For example, Televangelists. GOD will show us the truth in his time.

Sins Of My Father
Yes, problems in your life could be due to the sins of your father. Exodus 20:5.

Problems in your life could also be the result of your own, personal sins.

National sins, like abortion and the consequences from the sins of leaders, can also be a source or problems.

Sin is sin. We need to pray for deliverance from them all.

Anti-Christ Alive Today

The Anti-Christ has been born and is living.
Signs of this are quite visible. We just need to be "wise" as serpents and "gentle" as doves in these last days. Matthew 10:16.

Clinton For President
Yes, Hillary Clinton is "qualified" to be President of the United States of America.

Like many Americans, I voted for George Bush and have been very disappointed. While I don't mean to be judgemental, the Man-Of-God that us American voters chose to lead the United States of America, well, he has not done a very good job. I can't say that I could do any better. Hillary Clinton could probably do a better job.

Why Doesn't God Take The Bad
First of all let me say I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. I pray that she was saved because if so, she is now in Heaven with Christ. Believe me my friend, we all go to meet God sooner or later and our time is chosen by the Lord. Remember all things work together for good for those love God and for those who are called according to His Purpose. That means we my not understand why some things happen, but God does and we should trust HIM. Please feel free to write me. In Jesus Name Greg

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
Roman Catholic Rosary Beads come from an old Hindu Snake cult rite with beads. Used in Egypt, Babylon, Niverah, Rome and other evil cultures. Roman Catholic History start documents prove and say this in full detail. This prayer chanting is not of Jesus. Who srarted this Hindu cults of prayer rites and chanting? Answer: Monte Cassino about AD 1100 obtained a Hindu pagan godess cult book entitled "Incipit Breviarium sive Ordo Pfficiorum per totam anni decursionem".

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
It is hard to say what the Catholic Church believes, except that they regard church doctrine equal to or greater than Biblical doctrine. Whether Mary should be considered divine should be based on Scription not conjecture.

Which Bible Is The Best
I have a number of biblical translations, and have been taught that comparison between the various versions, with the KJV being the standards, aids in a better understanding of the Word. As to the NKJV being corrupt, there are some english corruptions in the KJV as well. "Rightly didvide the word..."

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