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Pastor's Wife Title
How about Mayra. That is your name and I am sure that represents you well.

Is This Prophetess Of God
I watched her for awhile this week on TBN.
The light was gray, spiritually. I did not see a bright light, but a light that was dimming. It was gray. People were trying to work themselves up in the audience, but it was flat. The music was flat and the service was gray.

Is Ted Haggard A Christian
I think Dave that replied to this one blog needs to not be so mean in his replies. All MIMA did was to ask a simple question and he gets all in a uproar. The question wasn't a bad one. But his replies weren't very nice at all. He can do better..

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Not a false gospel. Jesus said, if they are not against us, they are for us, let them preach. He has spoken so much against fear and defeatism, and morality and family to the black community which is desperately needed. If prosperity pulls them in(get people out of the welfare mentality!) more can be included about how wealth blesses us to use it for God's Kingdom. That is where the power is. If we only think it is for ME then it doesn't hurt the devil at all, he fears wealth used for God!

Price Of Gas Where You Live
Ours was 2.89 last week but has now dropped down to 2.75 for now..Hopefully it will keep on dropping down..

Is This Prophetess Of God
This is in reply to Rachael who answered my question about the Prophetess Juanita Bynum.My Motivation in all honesty was to see what people thought about prophets. Alot of people will not accept them. I will though.I do believe you could have been nicer in your reply.So do you know how to discern a real prophet? Thank you and God Bless.

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