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Title For Executive Pastor
To me, Sr. Minister or Sr. Pastor is a misnomer. Unless he or she is older, more experienced, better trained, than an associate why refer to her or him as Senior? What is a Sr. Minister if she or he is is a solo pastor? If there are more than one, both should be addressed as Pastor. Titles should be desciptive of the office.
Ordained Pastor & Teacher of the United Church of Christ and a certified Minister of Christian Education.

Okra Growing Advice And Tips
The information on how long it takes to harvest okra is somewhat misleading. Okra will continue to produce as long as you cut off the okra pods before they mature. I like tender young okra ... no more than about four inches long, but three inches is better. I once grew four rows, 25 feet long with about 8 plants per row and was able to harvest about twice weekly for the entire summer. Slice fresh okra and place in plastic bags in the freezer if you don't have enough in one picking for a meal.

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