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Roman Catholic Bishop Allah
Nothing would surprise me concerning the Catholic Church. They make up their own rules. They have strayed from the truth and it's one reason why I am no longer Catholic. The main reason is (I know I'll be thought of as crazy by some Catholic's for this) GOD TOLD ME TO. If you do think I'm crazy or making this up, your mocking God. It's better to not even think evil. Just trust in God, follow His son Jesus, and read the King James version of the Bible. Seek God in Jesus name and remember, He is faithful.

How To Receive the Holy Spirit
Every man who has been justified by grace for Christ's sake through faith receives the holy spirit as a covenantal promise. but the word of God birngs the spirit so much reading increases the Spirit in the believer(My words are spirit and life)

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Can you imagine Jesus saying, "Now this sacrifice on the cross that I'm going to will not cover everything. Your going to work and suffer and go to a cleansing place called Purgatory, because I just could not cover it. This way you will get the glory for it too". Sounds insane, right. You bet! Well that's what your saying when you talk of your none-exsistant Purgatory. This is the difference between Religion and born again Christianity. Please don't just believe me, seek God for His truth.

Does Divorce Harm Children
Divorce hurts children. This is a no brainer.

My Wife Just Left Me
My wife left me. She never so much as whispered that she was going to leave me feeling that she and my step children, that I love as my own were to never again be home. I know you pain.
God bless you

What Is The Mark Of The Beast
The Mark of the Beast is definately put in contrast with the "seal of God" which has to do with deep spiritual matters.When those things are considered, it becomes easy to understand. Why would God pour out His wrath because of something physical; and how can something physical be affiliated with the act of worship??

What Church Do You Attend
I don't go to church any more. My wife and I have had it with all the hipocracy. We found out some pretty bad stuff about the leadership in a few churches. We get treated better in the world, sad to say. Very sad.

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