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Salvation For Catholics
Jesus said , i am the way ,the truth and the man commeth unto the father but by me,not of works lest any man should boast.We can not work for our Salvation. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice shedding his blood on the Cross.Go to Church.See your Christian friends. Be Happy.

Our Soldiers Being Killed In Iraq
It is best that we join the Army of the Lord. Who will be his helpers other lives to bring.Onward Christian Soldiers.Godf knows all and sees all he will straighten it out.HRW

10 Commandments In Force
Moses broke the tablets on Mt. Sini.Each Isrealite was responsible for their Sin. The Holy Temple was built to slay a clean Lamb for their Sins. When Jesus died on the Cross the Veil(12 inches thick) was tore in half. This means that Christ was the ultimate sacrifice.If you accept this fact all your Sins past ,present and future are forgiven.HRW

Is Moronism A Cult
Mormonism believes that you were saved and a Christian before you were born which negates the fact that if you call yourself Christian you would know that you were once a Sinner and needed Jesus as your Savior.

Name Some Good Worship Music
Dear Worshiper Oh Worship the King and Praise be to Godand Come thou Almighty KIng are all good hyms for this occasion. Christian Pen Pal

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