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Why Read Book Of Mormon
Jim - I would refer you to the post I made as an answer to JohnII on 12-27-12.

John II - I've never read the Koran but I know that there are parallels between Islam and Christianity. Honestly, I'm not sure what your point is with your scriptural offering (not being rude,just simple). I offer a few scriptures of my own which I believe support the idea of a necessary restoration:
2 Thessalonians 2:2,3 / Matthew 17:11/ Acts 1:6,7/ Acts 3:19-21 and Revelation 14:6 - we believe that Moroni is that angel.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
KarenD -
I never gave your first question any significant thought. I believe that I have a place in heaven. As for works - as James says,"faith without works is dead." I strive to repent daily (I considered that work), I strive to obey the commandments (some are harder work than others for me). I try to love my neighbor as Jesus has commanded (that can be difficult so I would call it work)...the Bible says we will be judged by our works -I believe that my place in heaven just may be determined by my willingness to do those things which are hard and represent my faith in the promise of Jesus Christ. Ultimately my salvation will be gotten through Jesus Christ.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Hi Shira -

Please reread my post....I don't believe I can work my way into heaven. I do believe that we are expected to obey the commandments (they aren't called suggestions). I believe that we are expected to repent and true repentance takes work. Could this be the works referred to? As I said, I have been born again as described by Jesus and I have received the gift of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands. Thank you for your concern but my understanding of what this life is about gives me much hope and confidence about the future and my place in heaven.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
John II - I believe what the Bible says...
That we are created in the image of God (Gen 1:26)
That after Adam and Eve fell,we (humans) became like God (knowing good from evil)(Gen 3:22)
That we are offspring of God
(Acts 17:28)
That God is the Father of our Spirits (Hebrews 12:9)
That we should try to become perfect (Matthew 5:45)
That we can be co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:14-18)

I hope this answers your question. By the way, the scripture you offered seems to be a little out of context (at least the way I understood it).

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Shira -
No, I never said that I view Jesus Christ as "just a man".

I believe that Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament. That he created the earth under the direction of God, the Father. I believe that Jesus is the Firstborn of God and that He offered himself up to be our Savior. That it is through him and by him that I will achieve Salvation. I believe that we will be judged according to our works (obeying the commandments, being baptized,etc) just as we are told in Revelation 20:12-13. This does not mean that I believe I can work my way into heaven!!! I have been "born again" according to the description offered by Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3:3-5 - (I've been baptized by immersion.)

Why Read Book Of Mormon
I answered Jim's questions but apparently they didn't make the cut. I'll try again...

I believe that we are all children of God, the Father. I believe that Jesus (the Son) is the firstborn of the Father AND the only begotten in the flesh. I believe that Lucifer was also a son of God - just as all of us. That would mean we were all once brothers and sisters. Does that mean that Jesus and Lucifer (who was cast out of heaven for rebellion) are equal spiritually? ABSOLUTLEY NOT. The "created being" thing is meant to imply that we value Jesus Christ less than other faiths - it's a complete distortion and just silly. I believe that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost are separate personages, one in purpose.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Part 2

I believe that my salvation is dependent on Jesus Christ, NOT Joseph Smith. The Bible and the BOM both teach this. As for the Bible - I DO NOT believe it is "untrustworthy". I do believe that is has been translated and interpretted by many different people. I think these blogs are evidence of that if you were to be honest. I believe the KJV to be the most correct. Mormons study the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon. I believe that God has always been our God, the He is our Father and that there is a purpose to our lives and that is to progress to become as He is. We will NEVER be equal to Him. I believe that He is a man - a perfect being unlike any of us.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Part 3

As for who is "saved". Because Christ was resurrected, all of us will be resurrected - we are all saved from death. I believe that we will all be judged according to our works as is taught in the Bible. I believe that there are many churches that have parts of the Gospel. This is why there are so many churches. I believe that much of it has been lost and changed throughout the years. I believe that the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through (not by) Joseph Smith. I don't say that to offend anyone, It makes sense that there is only one Gospel of Jesus Christ and therefore only one Church of Jesus Christ. Do I think that anyone that isn't Mormon will be in hell? No, I do not.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
"Never read or heard of McKeever and Johnson. My father was LDS so I am familiar with the teachings and practices." Scott

I apologize for my error. You use the same tactics and talking points almost identical to the way they do. I will have to trust that you're telling the truth.

There are many answers to your accusation regarding the Book of Abraham - too many to attempt here for people who don't really want the truth anyway. As for the MMM, it was horrific and a dark time in LDS history. No one knows why it occurred. Considering Mormon history - the many hardships that the Mormon people endured at the hands of their neighbors and the government, I think fear probably paid a huge part.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Scott -
It picking out a few scriptures negates the message of the BOM for you then so be it. My guess is that you have never bothered to read it and depend solely on the work of others - like McKeever and Johnson to tell you why you shouldn't. I'm certainly not the one to change your mind. Be happy with your choice and I'll continue to be happy with mine.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
Scott - I believe that God has withheld blessings from various people for whatever reason - I don't pretend to understand. Again, there a very few passages (less than five I think) in the BOM which could even be CONSIDERED as racist. I know that the BOM testifies of Christ - because I've actually read it.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
My answer about the "sick doctrine" regarding baptism for the dead got lost's attempt two.
In Corinthians Chapter 15, Paul is reteaching the Resurrection. In verse 29 he asks why they are baptizing for the dead if they don't believe in the resurrection. He doesn't tell them the practice is wrong. In John 3:5, Jesus says that baptism is a MUST in order to enter the Kingdom of God. Baptism is a physical ordinance and needs to be performed with a physical body - not a spirit. Being baptized on behalf of someone who has died without the ordinance is an act of love and in no way sick. That person decides to accept it or not -free will is still intact on the other side.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
First, Brigham Young was a man. As a man he has opinions. Unless our leaders declare a doctrine is directly from God, it is but their opinion.
Second, I think the difference is contextual. The Lamanites were cursed, they were marked so that their seed would not intermingle with the Nephites. Is this racist? Perhaps - I don't concentrate on the few verses that may or may not indicate such. I concentrate on the entire book and not two or three scriptures. The Book testifies of Christ and McKeevers and Johnson try as they may cannot deny it's message. I think the best people to answer the charge of racism and their feelings about it are the black lds - check into their website.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
I'm sorry KarenD - did I state somewhere that reading the BOM was necessary to be considered Christian? If I did then I mispoke, but you know you are the one who has mispoken. Your anger against the LDS is obvious. The most devout critic of ANY church is an ex member with an axe to grind. I'm not brainwashed, I have read the BOM and I know it testifies of Jesus Christ. To say otherwise is a flat lie and you know it. It's interesting that while many who call themselves "Christian" damn those in other faiths to hell but yet act all offended by a belief that most will achieve a glory in heaven.

Life Before Creation
I believe that the purpose of our lives here on earth is to prove ourselves to be worthy to return to Gods presence. I believe we are to be obedient to the ten Comanndments, to be baptized, etc. We made the choice to come to earth, there is a purpose, Jesus provided us an example and offered Himself as a ransom for our sins if we will but repent. The key is that we've been given the gift of making our own choices and must deal with the consequences of them as well.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
And how about the verses added in 1980 or so? Or when "white and delightsome" skin became "pure and delightsome"?
---Cluny on 12/12/12

Two things to note. First, the change was initially made in the 1840 edition of the BOM. The 1837 European edition was used in newer editions and the 1840 changed was pretty must lost until 1981. The second thing to note is that "white" was once used as a synonym for pure. For example, what is.was a white wedding gown to symbolize? The message in the BOM is that there is no way back to the Father but through Christ. The BOM is a record of people on this continent and their experiences. Reading it with a prayerful heart could change your life.

Life Before Creation
The important thing to note is that God KNEW us before we were born. It appears that we existed as something.

Life Before Creation
Hi Shira - I know that the scriptures can be twisted into other meanings (I'm not sure how they aren't obvious)...still, here are a few:

Jeremiah 1:5 The Lord says that He KNEW, ORDAINED, AND SANCTIFIED Jeremiah before he was born. Seems to imply that he was somewhere before coming to earth.
Job 38:1-7 - The Lord asks Job where he was when the foundation of the Earth was formed...he must have been somewhere - why the question? This includes the Morning Stars and Sons of God - they were somewhere as well.>
Ecclesiastes 12:7 - How does a spirit return to someplace it's never been?

You may not agree with our interpretation but I assure you that it isn't based on lsd...

Life Before Creation
Hi Trey,
I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the scripture found in Jeremiah. The fact is that any scripture I offer will be subject to interpretation of it's reader...which is why there is a need for prophets today - just as in ancient times. As in ancient times, prophets exist today and just as in ancient times, many are unable to see them as such. The prophets of ancient time were once modern day prophets to their neighbors. It's probably hard to imagine your neighbor as a prophet. I appreciate your love for the LDS people and assure you that our beliefs are indeed based in scripture.

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