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Fiance Borrowing My Money

Ma dear sister,

Just stop giving him money. What will happen when you are dead? Will he and your daughter die too. Let him take up his responsibility. You are not helping him by giving him money. Even his parents are to help him but not all the way. Am sure he has gone to school and has learnt a thing or two. I advise you to talk to him and encourage him to use the knowledge he learnt to earn money. I call it tough love.


Is The KJV A Catholic Bible
The Catholic Bible is corrupted. There is truth there and there are lies, so that is why it's corrupted. The King James Bible is God's preserved Word. I too was a Catholic, and what I know now, I could never go back to the ungodly catholic ways.

Who Are Christadelphians
"It is a well known fact that cults such as the christadelphians are a breeding ground for paedophiles and rapists."
Really. I could say "it is a well-known fact that all Christian churches are actually brothels in disguise", but it wouldn't make anyone believe me. Think before you make such sweeping and incorrect generalisations next time.

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