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Garden Of Gethsemane Prayer
Kathr, you do give women a bad name. your comments to me gives the evidence. I'm so sorry you are so resentful. I'm glad I was not here last year to hear what you had to say then are I would be in bigger trouble.
Donna, make some good arguments. She said, He just allows them to believe what they want and then the judgment.

Garden Of Gethsemane Prayer
Alan, nice to answer someone. I have been reading the blogs for four weeks. What really upsets me is when a sister has a vengeful heart towards another and instead of acting like a sister, she goes off with a tirade of words. Gives us women a bad name since women were accused of disrupting the Church in Scripture, and told to keep silent. Also thought that she was using the name James to continue her tirade looked like her words. Very foolish what people do but I suppose with the world web, it cannot be helped.

Garden Of Gethsemane Prayer
Kath, it's not hard to tell, as mary mentioned that james and you are the same person. Why not just say you are kath? The language is the same, the words expressed are the same. The sentences are split the same. Your signature.

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