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New Christian Wants A Divorce
If a persons becomes a christian they become a new person and are not bound by old laws. God and Satan cannot live in one home else it will be divided. If he does not change and u stay with him you will loose your spirit. I did. I was in the same situation but I'm slowely regaining my faith. For ten years I tried everything to help him and in the long run my son suffered the most. I thought he would change, but he got worse instead. A person can not change who they are, only what they do.

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
God's a loving God. That's all there is to it. Jesus backed up the Old Testament teachings in many ways, but in others he threw new light on them. If it is Jesus' words, then it is God's also. God made us all unique, therefore he may treat us all as if we have unique reasons for commiting sins. For example: self-harm. Well the thing is, is that God knows us inside out and God will probably understand.

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