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Let's Introduce Ourselves
My name is Henry, and I'm from a small town northeast of Grand Rapids, Mi. I attend a great Baptist church and conduct preaching services for several rest and nursing homes in the area.

I was raised in a Baptist preacher's home, started preaching when I was 14 years old, and attended two Bible colleges. But when I was 38 years old, the Lord showed me I WAS NOT saved, I was just a professional christian who did not possess Christ. Then when I truly found a PERSONAL relationship with Christ, it changed everything about me.

I've found as important as church is in life, having a personal relationship with Christ is so much MORE important. While being religious can make you happy, truly knowing Christ can give you joy, even in sorrow.

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
To finish the thoughts from the other post.

1. Who are you REALLY praying to? See Luke 18:10-14. Vs. 11, the Pharisee prayed with HIMSELF, (saying), GOD! He was actually praying as if he WAS God. Vs. 13, the publican prayed, God please make a place for me in Your mercy. That is what the meaning of the word merciful means. See Vs 14 for results.

2.Who's power are you using in Prayer? Rom.8:26-27. Are we submiting ourself to God in prayer, and waiting on Him?

3.Who's purpose are you praying for? I John 5:14-15. This is the confidence we have in Him, if we pray for HIS Will, we will find HIS way in our life.

4. Why there is no power in Prayer? James 4:1-4. We pray to consume it on OUR OWN lust in life. How smart is that?

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
I know what you mean, and have said the same thing myself. But God's true Word is a great resource IF we will just LET it be to us.

While I was reading my Bible I came on some notes I had written before, and it made me think of this post. It's good that the moderators have put a limit on the length of these posts, because IF you are serious and really want an answer, you will have to look it up for yourself.

Look up Mark chapter 11, and look at verses 25-33, for a background to the subject of Power of Prayer, and 4 thoughts on it.

If I am allowed, I will have to continue this in the next post. Henry

How To Prove You Are Saved
There is only one place to go to know for a fact a person is truly going to Heaven when they leave this world, the true word of God.
There are many ideas and suggestions on this, just as there are on this blog. Well meaning as they are, they are just that, opinions about what some one else has said. If you truly want to go to the Lord God's home, wouldn't it be logical to seek His opinion over all others?
Christ Himself said in the gospel of John that people will flock to everyone else's idaes of Heaven, but will not at all consider what He had to say about it.
With this in mind, check out what I John 5:13 has to say about this very improtant subject, and how to know you are going to Heaven. More of this in the next post.

How To Prove You Are Saved
I John 5:13.
These things,(the words of God),
have I,(John),[as well as the other writers of the Bible],
written unto you that believe on,(have reached out and accepted),
the name of the Son of God,
that YE,(the ones who have accepted what Christ said as true),
may KNOW,(be assured as a fact),
that ye HAVE eternal life,(life without end),
and that ye may BELIEVE ON,(accept as a fact),
the name of the Son of God.
Titus 1:2 says God cannot lie, 2 Peter 1:21 says that holy men of old spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. This is how we can know, or PROVE, a person is going to Heaven. If God is a liar, all bets are off everywhere.

Living In Self Deception
As a former self deceived person, I can answer your question. I started preaching when I was 14 years old, & did so until I was 38 years old. One church service I just had to make sure I was saved, and I answered the invitaional call. I was just attending that night.
After talking with the associate pastor for 3.5 hours, I had to accept God's Way of salvation, and surrender my wicked heart over to HIM, and HIM alone. I up to that time was relying on my heart and righteousness to take me to Heaven, even though I preached it by Christ alone. Look up Jer. 17:9. That vs. shouted at me. I realized I was deceiving myself and NOT trusting Christ alone.

Pope Has Offended Many Muslims
I am christian and not a catholic.I agree with the Pope of Vatican's statement 100%.The Pope refused that Koran is a book from God in its dialog with moslems.The koran mentions Jesus was a prophet and not a God,less than Mohammed and Judath Iscariot died on the cross while Jesus was risen to heaven.

Can Adulterers Become Pastors
I am sure that by now you have had more than enough answers to this question, but here goes. Of course you can, Cor is explicit when it says that if we come to Christ, we become new creatures, the old has passed away, even God does not remember your sins of past as it is removed as far from the East as to the West.
A New life in Christ means a new beginning, and since your life has only realy started 7 years ago, enjoy His goodness and do what He has called you to do.
I pray for you

Catholic Bible History
Actually it's true. The Catholic Church is full of evil history. Go look it up. Catholics are blind.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
James, I can relate to that. My aunt is still paying for her dead husband who died 34 years ago and he didn't believe in anything. I am angry at the church because they won't let her go. They take her money for what? She has her mind made up and that's that. What can I do?

Support For Creationism
Drea Christian, It is only by The Word Of God that lead's a nonbeliever to Repentance.
God say's for us to just plant the seed, that is The Word Of God (Bible). A person can never be Saved unless the Word Of God is planted. So please consider using only The Word from The Bible to witness to anyone.

You Must Be Born Again
My Dear Family In God. There is no way we can be Born again but once. If we back slide all we have to is repent from our sin which so easily entices us.

Prophesying In Tongues
Herb that scripture is talking about when that is perfect..JESUS...has come.

Mark 16: Jesus says those who believe will do many things..among lay hands on sick and they recover and also speak in other tongues.

Joel 2:28--your sons and daughters will prophesy (Also see Acts 2:18).

So according to your argument, if tongues no longer exist, then neither do prophecy and knowledge, since they are part of the same scripture, and you can't just pick out a piece of scripture.

Prophesying In Tongues
Part II

Then according to what Jesus said in Mark...if speaking in tongues has ceased, then along with that scripture, according to you, healing is also ceased. Healing, tongues, prophecy, and knowledge are dead in some places, but not in churches doing the work of Jesus.

Was Jesus Created By God
Jesus was not created. God The Father and Jesus are one and the same.

Can A Person Be Born Evil
It is actually by the age of 6 that a child starts to develope a concience

Is Remarriage Adultery
I was wondering....if my ex-wife died and I had been re-married, would that make me eligible to hold church office or would I still be viewed as an adulterer?

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
Alan8869 of UK.. "Him who sent me" to Whom did He often pray, and to Whom did He cry out on the Cross? not a contradiction with what I said...the missing part you forgot is the Word became flesh and he now communicated to the Father or God as a human being and Son...think about it for a spell.

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