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I Don't Like My Grandkids

Praytell, why is your 8 year-old son going to the grocery store without parental supervision?

You then state that you put him in his room and went out and watched tv for a couple of hours. Perhaps a little less tv and a little more parental involvement would make a bigger impact on your son than thinking up clever punishments and mental manipulations? You know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Anyway, good luck to you and yours.

Wife In Love With Two Men
Well, Eddie, that's part of the drama here on planet Earth. The Almighty set us up with women, who are the most fickle creature in the universe. The very next pair of shoes they see is their favorite and this is another great argument for women staying home and out of the workforce.

Recently, I read an article about how women contemplate leaving a good marriage and a good man for another, just on the premise that, even though she is happily married, there is the chance that she could be even happier with someone else. Makes me sick.

Do yourself a favor and dump her and then get yourself a golden retriever...a creature that always forgives, is always happy to see you and will never kick you out of bed.

My Husband Will Not Work
Wow! Women want it both ways...don't they! If they stay at home (which they should) they want respect and acknowledgement that they are worth more than $50,000 per year for their domestic efforts and contributions.

However, if their twisted sisters, who saturate the workforce, take opportunities away from her husband, such that, he stays home, he becomes relegated to a worthless bum and infidel and because he doesn't "work", his wife feels he shouldn't eat either. I can't be sure, but I am glad that men don't treat their stay-at-home wives with the same contempt. But, it is a woman's world now, so we can expect more of the same.

Wife In Love With Two Men
Sorry this has happened to you, Eddie. Remind your wife that even though her heart is so big she has room enough to love two men, that she said she wouldn't and even made promises to The Almighty that she would stay faithful to you and forsake all others.

Because your wife does not abide by her promises you are not bound to keep her as your wife and can marry once more. She, on the other hand, is an adulteress, and it makes me sick to think that you are worthy of "sloppy seconds" after she is done with her "lover".

It sounds like she has been enjoying your 32-year marriage more than you have. Let us pray that she does not bring you home an STD for your efforts. May God be with you and guide your every step.

Husband Never Gives Me Gifts
I don't know, Catherine, going out on a shopping spree is less than helpful and the lack of money may be the reason this man is not buying any gifts for his wife and he may not want any for his birthday either.

I may be wrong, but it sounds as if he is really depressed about being unemployed and this depression may be affecting his desire for his wife. Sometimes men begin to think they are not good enough for their mate and if they cannot provide for them as they would like (even gifts), they may begin to shut down emotionally and may even direct their anger upon the object of their affection.

Newt Gingrich Family Research
Yes. It was a stroke of sheer brilliance having a man of Newt's qualities speak about family values.

Doesn't Newt's cavalier attitude toward marriage, divorce, and family life typify that of the common man and woman in America today?

Like I've said many times before...90% of people who get married never should have. Most people abuse holy matrimony and do not have the morals or strength of character to be married.

Is Tithing Mandatory
I will be content to ride the fence on this one for awhile, but I do know that 10% of one's income in the old testament was needed to support the 13th tribe of Israel.

The 12 tribes of Israel received territories, whereas the tribe of Levi, which was a tribe of priests, could live in any tribe's given territory and even disperse throughout the whole land of Israel. Wherever they settled, the host had to give 10% of their bounty to feed, clothe, and house them.

Who's Name Do You Use
Trust me, Bush and Maliki worship the same beast. Bush is every bit as "Christian" as the next satanist. The man's soul belongs to Skull and Bones and the Freemasons. He worships Appollyon and the devil, just like Maliki. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

I Get Bored With People
Dear Bored:

You sound somewhat superficial. Perhaps you are a closet narcissist and it becomes difficult to invest your time in others because you are in love with yourself.

Selfish people have this tendency. And, it is known that the more one contributes and invests in a relationship, the more value that relationship retains.

When one says "Nothing ventured, nothing lost", it means that one did not invest in a venture, therefore they lost nothing when the deal goes south and the same can be said for relationships: The more you put yourself into them, the more valuable they become to the investor. But, to do this, you can't be selfish and narcissistic. You have to be genuine, loving and selfless.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
"Now that we have had an African American president, race need never again be a campaign issue." - Strong Axe

Contrare, contrare, my friend. The leader of this Obamanation is not an African American...he is a HALF-rican American. And, yes, I invented the term. Pretty clever I thought. :0)

I Never Loved My Husband
It is true that I have been burned time and again, both within the church and without, but I have read countless research articles on relationships, case studies and probably hundreds of other sources regarding women studies and family dynamics, etc.

The prognosis for marriages is not good and, yes, women, as a whole, are out of control, both in marriages and within the work force.

Yes, I would like my sons to find a daughter of Christ one day, but I am frightened beyond belief that they will find a wolf in sheep's clothing just as I have done and tens of millions of other men before them.

Democrats Lose Mid-Term Elections
The bottom line is that no matter whether a democrat or republican wins, America still loses. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

I Don't Understand Revelation
It is true that the Book of Revelation is clouded in mystery. That said, the clouds may be lifted if one considers reading up on their history.

For instance, the Second Coming of Christ - already happened.

Christ told his disciples that He would return before they could spread the word to all the towns in Israel. He told them that "THIS" generation would not pass away before His return. Christ said that even those who pierced Him would see His return. Our Lord said that the other disciples would be killed, but St. John would still be alive at His return.

A.D. 70 seems to be the year of Christ's second coming and this is confirmed through scripture and by looking at the historical account.

Fate Of Isolated People Groups
It is important for us not to judge those who are outside the "Church".

My faith rests in the pure love and grace of The Almighty and His Beloved Son, Our Lord. If you trust anything, trust that They cannot make a mistake and their judgment will be just.

Can I Live With My Boyfriend

You say you are a born again Christian "again". What does that mean? It sounds that you are an on-again/off-again Christian, which is nothing more than a non-committal, double-minded individual.

Plenty of people claim to have knowledge of Christ and Christianity, but their deeds produce fruits of a dubious nature. Scripture teaches us that you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears: you seem to be making one mistake right after the other.

Getting married will do nothing for you. Your relationship has been nothing but dishonorable from the beginning and you will not win any votes from The Almighty by throwing on a white gown and making promises that you don't intend to keep.

Is Angelina Jolie Promoting Islam
Angelina Jolie, in my opinion, is all about photo shoots. I have seen some of her photo opps on television and at the end of the day she is nothing more than a good actress. I think she is a terribly scarred individual who finds herself on the wrong side of right more often than not. What better way to make herself feel better about who she is (and to manufacture great publicity) than to feign interest in the plight of needy people in unChristian lands.

Person Hurt Me In Church
I am sorry you have been hurt. You must understand that a church is a spiritual hospital for sick people and those who want to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, we run into people within churches in all phases of spiritual development.

Please approach the individual and tell them how they offended you...perhaps they don't even know it. Then, approach The Almighty and His Son, Our Lord, and tell them about it. If anyone understands "church hurts" it's Christ Himself.

Try to understand the situation, own it, then try to forgive the offense. If it cannot be resolved with a witness from the church and satisfaction is not on the horizon, then perhaps finding a new church home is better than living in bitterness.

Can Women Propose To Men

You did not mention whether or not you are a Christian, only that your love interest is a Christian. If you are not a believer, then, perhaps, this is the reason why he does not show more interest than he does.

To answer your question, "No", it is not wrong for a woman to propose marriage to a man that she adores. Perhaps you are more adventurous and he is more cautious?

But, perhaps there are other things that have created a barrier to furthering this relationship that you and I do not know about. It's hard to say.

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