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Origin Of Catholic Church
We do see however Moses standing wwith Jesus on teh Mount of Transfiguration.

Moses didn't go in, yet Moses didn't die in his sin like tho others who did not go in. Moses represented the Law of sin and death. Also the Land was to be entered by FAITH, not LAW..Hebrews 3 & 4.

You can't enter "the Promise" by Law, but by Faith only. They were preached th Gospel same as us. WE too enter the promise by faith ..not Law. Only Jesus
(Joshua)can take us there...not Moses!

If God allowed Moses to enter in...(God is so wise) then we would believe it was by LAW, and not Faith.
---kathr4453 on 10/31/08

Great Revelation on that Kathr4453...thanks for sharing!!

Is Halloween For Christians
Catholics most certainly DO celebrate Halloween. My co-worker brought in pictures of her kids today, all dressed up for a Halloween party at their school today and her little girl was dressed up like a witch. Now mind you...they attend Catholic private school. Also...I grew up in an Italian, Roman Catholic neighborhood in NY and EVERYONE in the neighborhood celebrated Halloween with decorations and giving out candy and their kids trick or treated. But of course, the few Jewish families that lived in the neighborhood also participated...for they were also deceived into believing that Halloween is ok.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
For all of you who do not think marriage is a "covenant" there is a great article on the website of focuse on the family regarding marriage/convenant. Check it out.

Origin Of Catholic Church
As with the verse that Char quoted...the principle of "binding and loosing" was given to ALL BELIEVERS, not just to Peter as the RCC teaches. As a believer in Christ, we all have the authority to bind and loose on earth according to whatever is bound or loosed in heaven. And I can tell you from experience, this is a very powerful tool that the Lord gave us. Try it and you will see! :-)

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
RebbecaD--I fear we are arguing a losing battle when it concerns people such as susieb eloy claudia and holly, The problem with their type of preaching and teaching is if you don't agree with exactly what they say then you are a sinner and you have no faith. ---emtp on 10/9/08

And emtp...when did I ever accuse someone of being a sinner or having no faith? Please don't lump me with other people that you might have discerned that from, because if you read all my posts, you'll see that I have never accused anybody in the manner you claim. However, I will not back down when it comes to defending the ways of the Lord. Celebrating a Satanic holiday in no way honors or glorifies God, no matter how you try and dress it up to look harmless.

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Preach it sister Claudia H!
And Amen Eloy!!

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
Thanks emtp for trying to explain that to me...I appreciate your efforts. Bible explains it just fine...Mary was a human, chosen by God for His purposes, yet born of a sin-nature just like the rest of us and needed saving by a Savior, just like the rest of us. She was never without sin, nowhere is that stated in the Bible, however, she was not without hope, because Jesus came as her Savior as well as ours. :-)

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
MIC...marriage is a "covenant" not a vow. God is a God of "covenant". Ginger is correct and the scripture she gave is valid...we are not to swear on anything. God takes marriage very seriously, because it is a COVENANT between two people...not a vow, even though the world refers to the marriage ceremony as taking your "vows". In actuality it is a covenant between you, your partner and God.

Are Harry Potter Books Unethical
Per Rebecca D...Yes it might be about magic, but if a person has any common sense at all they would know that one can't wave a magic wand and say a few rhymes and POOF something happens.

I guess then Rebecca, you've never been on the receiving end of the types of "spells/magic" that can be done through witchcraft. I have personally been a victim of those things and I will tell you from experience...witchcraft, magical spells, etc. are just as real as God's miracles. The bible even warns that the devil imitates God. It's those who believe that it's all a fantasy who are setting themselves up to be deceived.

Are Wedding Vows Biblical
Marriage is about covenant...not taking a vow. Just as we as Christians (the children of God) are in a covenant relationship with God, so is a man and a woman who marry...they are in a covenant relationship with each other and God. Covenants are much more serious than vows and God takes covenants very seriously!

What Is A Rosary Used For
Paul...I used to visit a psychic who prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ...yet she still served Satan, practicing her witchcraft. Actually, when I was utilizing her services, I was still of the Jewish faith. But...when my life took a terrible tail-spin (which was partially because the psychic ripped me off), I remembered her praying in the name of "Jesus" and it got me wondering if Jesus was God or not. To make a long story short, I ended up getting saved because of her using the name of Jesus, but nevertheless...I am not deceived in any way into believing that she "knew" Jesus or served Jesus...she was totally lost, serving the devil and yet she used the name of Jesus.

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
It isn't a Satanic holiday, it's a Pagan holiday that originated in Ireland actually as a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Per Rev. Baker

I beg to differ with you IS a Satanic holiday (no matter where it originated)and for those who are practicing is their "high holy day" just as Yom Kipper is the Jews "high holy day". It is the practice of Satanists to sacrifice children to the devil on this day. As a child, I was forced by my dad to participate in a satanic cult and was subject to satanic ritual abuse and I can tell you firsthand...they DO sacrifice children, as I was witness to that.

One World Church Movement
Amen Tracy...well said!

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Rebecca...I most definitely do know how to have good, clean fun...but I am certainly not going to celebrate a satanic holiday to have "good clean fun". Yes, I will admit...before I was a Christian, I also partook, but now as a Christian, I am not to be joined with the darkness. I will not participate in a holiday that was started by the devil, whether dressed like the virgin Mary or the devil himself. Would you celebrate a Buddist holiday or a Muslim holiday and join in their festivities? How about celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan? (not sure if it's spelled correctly). Or would you have been one of those who danced around the golden calf while Moses was up on the mountain? It's called compromise.

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Maybe it would be different for you Rebecca if perhaps if you were forced to be in a satanic cult and were the victim of satanic ritual abuse as I was as a child and truly understood the reality of the fact that satanists practice child sacrifice on Halloween, maybe then you would see things differently. It is THEIR "high, holy day". What if YOUR kids were targeted by them on that day? It seems like just reading the Word of God is not enough for you to be convinced that we are to "come out from among them" and "be separate". That does not mean watering down the evil and trying to re-mold it into a form of Christianity, yet still participating in the very thing that is an evil event, invented and started by Satan.

What Country Are You From
Originally from the country of New York...oh wait...that's not a country...although many do feel like New Yorkers are from another planet! guessed it...the good 'ole United States of America! Wooohoooo!!!!

I grew up in NY till I was 19...then Miami, Florida for 24 years, then the mountains of Western North Carolina for 3 1/2 years and now I live in Southern California for the last 4 1/2 years.

Only God knows where I'll be next...but I have my suitcase ready for whenenver He tells me it's time to move on! :-)

It's always an adventure with the Lord!

Bible The Only Authority
Do you have the address of Heaven or Hell?
---Nicole on 9/24/08 you have the address of God's throne?

Heaven and Hell are real places...they are in the spirit realm. So...what about the promise that God has many mansions in heaven and that Jesus goes before us to prepare one for us? Is this not a real place either?

One World Church Movement cannot change truths that you do not can only continue to believe the lies and carry on with the man-made traditions that support the lies, blocking out any chance for the truth to shine through.

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