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Explain Genesis 3:20
Her 'conception was being multiplied' i.e. conceiving humans.Mutiplied her sorrow-and pain(emotional pain) yes,but as each one was born(her conception)sinned,it multiplied her pain.
Example: when Cain killed Able.
Many women never experience 'pain' in child birth.Some say it means the cycle,well millions of females do not have a monthly cycle.If it were a 'curse from God' as so many say about "multiplied conception and pain"then ALL would be subject to it.If God cursed all females with birth pain and the cycle how come many get by without this so called curse? Because it does not mean child birth pain and a mo.cycle!

Disabled People Treated Badly
I have a friend who worked for an energy company. Over a period of 16 months, due to a strange disease, he endured 13 hospitalizations, 17 surgeries, 6 amputations, and died 3 times in the OR (ultimately loosing both legs above-knee). During the same time, his wife left him. He was pushed to the brink of poverty and homelessness due to legal and medical bills. Yet his boss, who lived in a mansion on the Outer Banks, fired him for some insignificant oversight, just to get rid of him. Now he is homeless, unemployed, and relying on public assistance. Yet the boss thinks of himself as a big Christian person. Amazing how evil people hide behind Christianity.

Opinion Of Rodney Howard-Browne
I object to Monavie being called an "MLM" scam on this post. Monavie has made a tremendous difference in my health. I met Rodney Howard-Browne one day at Barnes and Noble. I sat down and talked with him, and although I have never followed his ministry, I believe he is helping restore the health of thousands of people by introducing them to Monavie.

Door To Demon Possession
I have a cousin that's consumed with P.Cornwell novels, still likes to go to the cemetary like a little kid and hold seances with her girlfriends. She's a grandmother. She reads up on old unsolved crimes and goes to the cemetary to tries to call up the dead to solve the cases.
So the answer is, YES. All of this activity that women justify as curiousity, relaxing entertainment about the supernatural, is a trap. Witchcraft shows and ministry do not mix, unless you want to be like the Witch of Endor.

Door To Demon Possession
The Bible says let no one lay hands on you suddenly for this very reason. If you were a minister in my church, Rebecca, and I knew your viewing habits and strange occurances around your house, there is no way I would let you lay your hands on me and pray for me.
No way. There is a spiritual transference from the laying on of hands. I would not want any familiar spirit following me around.

Door To Demon Possession
Still watching Charmed, I would say Charmed still has it's hold on you.
You can't mix good and evil, light and dark,
church and witchcraft. Now I know you'll explain this away, that it's harmless.
Are your radio stations still bouncing around?
Have you ever thought about the conflicts you have with church people could be because you've made friends with a familiar spirit that follows you around and causes conflict.
You can't be a minister of the Gospel and partake of witchcraft, too.

Door To Demon Possession
You bet I believe witchcraft shows open doors. I know a 60 yr old woman that is obsessed with soap operas, vampire shows, Dark Shadows reruns, those Patricia crime novels, Charmed and all shows witchcraft. She no longer goes to church, on her 3rd husband, hangs out at the local honktonks looking for men. She paints her eyes up like Jezebel, cheats with other men. Do I think she's possessed? You better believe she is.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
I too was a Catholic and I'm not againt them at all personally, but their church doctrine stinks in most areas. You Catholics need to come out of the darkness and into the light of God's truth. Please throw those Rosary beads away, denounce the works of Satan, and come to know who Jesus Christ really is. You are missing out on so much, you can't imagine.

How To Witness To Mormons
Mercedes and Dave, how do you like us so far?

You've been hanging out alot, I would venture to guess that you're enjoying the Christian fellowship.

What Is Catholic Lent
Tiffany, I might not put it the way you did, but you are right. They look like those people in the night of the living dead. There is a reason for this and I'm not talking about just ashes on the forehead. It'a a spiritual issue and it shows. The Catholic Church is a Church full of dead works. Some examples: Prayers to Mary and the saints-DEAD WORKS, Office of Pope-DEAD WORKS, Using Rosary beads- DEAD WORKS. I could go on and on. So Tiffany, you are very perceptive. God bless you.

Please Pray For This Missionary
I am praying about this right now.

Who Is The Antichrist
I do not believe as a christian that it should be a priority of ours to hypothicize on who this person might be, our goal is to serve the Lord and when the time is right this man will be revealed for who he is (2Thess. 2) at that time the church will not be on the scene any longer, because I believe the one hindering Satan is the Holy Spirit, and when He leaves so will the true church.

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