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Do Christians Have To Fast
In Mt. 9:14-17 when Jesus was asked why His disciples did not fast, He replied that while (He) the bridegroom was with them, how could they fast. But when the groom was taken away then they would fast. We tend to think that this is that time when the groom has been taken away. But the truth is that when a person is born again, he is baptized into the Body of Christ(1 Cor 12:13) of which Christ is the Head (Eph1:22) and therefore, in the Spirit, we are placed into Christ (Gal 3:27) like a branch into the Vine and hence for us (The Body & Bride of Christ) Christ is not away from us, as we are in Him and He is in us. So when this is correctly understood, fasting has no place in this dispensation of the Body of Christ (Church) age.

Evolution Taught In School
Why would you want your children to not be taught evolution? Evolution is taught in school because it is science and the one theory that makes sence. It is only a theory but a theory in scientific terms is not just a guess but something that has a lot of fact to back it up and nothing to disprove it. You can not deny that evolution is not real because it is fact that organisims change over time due to adaption, genetic changes, and natural selection.

False Teachers In The Church
As Paul both pointed out, false teachers will be rampant and be from within. The thing to note is that just as false prophets are evaluated by the fruit of their lives (see Mt 7:15-20), so also false teachers are to be evaluated by their correctness of doctrine (see 2 Pet 2:1 & Titus 1:9). Therefore, a good yardstick for sound doctrine, is the CROSS. As Paul says, I preach Christ, and Him crucified. Look for the marks of the cross in all teaching and ministry and you will be on safe ground.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
You have the right heart towards it and God looks at the heart 1 Sam 16:7. It does actually say if you marry a none believer and he excepts you then don't divorce them (1 Cor 7:13), who is to say that you won't save him in time (1 Cor 7:16). Seek the Lord over it. Some Christians are too quick to point the finger and judge others (Matthew 7:1) Do not judge or you too will be judged.

Was Jesus's Body From Mary
I think much theology and not much learning has made thee mad. [ Common sense] if Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man than he has all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and all the genes of wicked men. Hence , the Holy Spirit fertilized Mary's womb[egg]. To think the indignity our Savior suffered,incarnated in a sinner, the daughter of a sinful man/All to save a wretch like me.

What Is A Cult
The definition of a cult is any group or person who is a follower of a man. This is why the early church was considered a cult. If you are a follower of an evangelist, preacher, priest or pope then you are in a cult. You will notice that all the mass suicides were followers of one man. Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes on to the father but by me.CONCLUSION= Read the Book, follow Jesus.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Actually, most catholics do not believe that faith in Jesus Christ will bring salvation. My girlfriend is catholic and she believes that living a happy life will get her to heaven. But yes, I struggle with the same question.

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
Ok, new question relating to this. What if the person I am considering marrying is catholic and unsaved? is this unbiblical?

Which Religion Is Correct
As far as I am concerned, Taoism is the correct "religion" or system of thought. However, a good portion of Christs teachings have echos of Taoist thought. Christ did indeed walk the path...

Is Scientology A Cult
It wouldn't be so bad if they delivered... But it won't be you getting rich if you join them. I tried to acquire thier book, but they wanted a mandatory "donation" of 5 bucks. I AM NOT paying for such propaganda...

Is Russia A Friend Of The USA
Hi guys, I am a convert from Evangelical Protestantism to Eastern Orthodoxy. This includes the Russian Orthodox church. I plan to never look back, as I have found the faith. I believe that in doctrine Orthodoxy is closest to the church of Pentecost.

Orthodox Putin sis nt perfect; Neither is Protestant Bush

Who is Kenneth Copeland?
To see where the deception of modern Christendom comes from, Google 'Jacob Boehme' and read with caution. He was the mentor of William Law who is the fore-father of WoF doctrine. God betimes exposes us to what is wrong so we may see the light. Psycho-spiritual manipulation. BUT, Jesus had me pray for Copeland and send him a powerful revelation on Christ being our spiritual DNA - so go figure - God loves him just as He does us all, and in not willing that any be lost.

True Death Of Jesus Christ
I would suggest that it was Good Friday, I think that the act of his death is more important that when it happend, I was thinking only yesterday of how Jesus could have pulled out at anytime and I guess that was what Satan had in mind when Jesus got the treatment before the he was sent to the cross. I guess that Satan wanted to take from God so many of the things God Loves and that is us.

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
I think that we live a very nasty life when you campare how people treat people today compared to how your Grandma and Grandpa who has had a long marriage and bakes cookies and pies! I think also that people are too self absorbed and if we were to do things for each other as Jesus said then the bad times would be evened out by someones good times

Walk By Faith Is Impossible
As time goes on you will see where the lord has answered your prayers and this builds faith, I have had cancer and I have been through all sorts of complications but I havent got the cancer but the situations I have been exposed to have built up strength, I also know that the lord will answer in his own time and in a unexpected way.

Miracle Healing Services
He either heals them on not, I would suggest that people have been healed otherwise nobody would go along.

All One Land Mass During Noah
I believe the continents were formed along with and as part of Noah's Flood.

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