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Can Christians Do Drugs
True God gave us many plants with a view to using.There are some useing the good & the purposes they were intended others unknown for mans use,Use yourdiscreation same as you would avoida snakes venomn,

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Moderator:->I took your advice ,but it did not help clear up the doubt.Maybe some day we will be enlightened.HOPE ITS NOT TOO LATE.

Moderator - If you are referring to a Bible Quiz, please take several of the related ones by clicking the Bible button on the top of this page.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Moderator:-> I did it says 1. Ghost, phantom,2.something strange, Remarkable,3. The act of appearing.
the Apparation declared "I am the Immaculate Conception" She spoke & made a declaration. The dictonary does not say demon.

Moderator - A ghost is a demon. It's not a dead person reappearing.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Mod:->)In an earlier statement you said that, apparations are demons & have no names that you know of in scripture. Thought I would refresh your memory the apparition that appeared to Mary was an angel of the lord. Similarly the appeararance of the lady at Lourdes said I am the Immaculate Conception,so with that declaration those were not demons.This is offered as a clarification.

Moderator - An angel of the Lord isn't an apparation whereas Lourdes. Look up the word in the dictionary.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Luke20:38(:->)Those who are dead TO Christ are those souls, who died,on this earth in Sin:those who died IN Christ died without any sin, true followere & are in heaven.So they are ALIVEin heaven to God; But dead to us on Earth in the sense of the word.Mary BV belongs to this category,she has contact with her son.No one is forced to believe- you do Or you don't.Those who don't should NOT force their belief on those that do. Vengance is mine says the LORD.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
ELOY::Being a God He could create a Mother Or do whatever he desired without our say so in order to reach HIS DIVINE OBJECTIVE.Which HE DID.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Eloy:I accept & believe what you say to be true.But you misunderstand Mary was NOT Mother of God perse above him she was also created by God her maker& saviour to be the mother of His seed word was made Flesh, as in genesis.Eve was also created without sin.This is where the concordance is disrupted.She becomes the mother of God, at this point By HIS selection.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
sj:->)The bible & the acts are all about Jesus his teachings & to show us the way to heaven so how do you expect to find out all about The Blessed Virgin. Christianity is an on going way of life Not stationary. Those who visit Fatima Lourdes Medjugorje, by the thousands are not brainless but people who trust & believe Or else why would The BVM appear.It is not a matter of Challenge, but Filial trust so if you want to be a D/Thomas -so be it.

Moderator - Yes, they believe in a demon.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
SJ:->)What does it mean "to pledge ones TROTH", I believe it happens to express ones intentions.Men do this when courting or when being Knighted in the days of Yore-is that a form of worship?.I think God knows the difference.The prostration you describe may be associated to doing the same & it is Gods thoughts that counts not mans conclusions.

Biggest Sins In Church
2.Lack of love- SELFISHNESS

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Jake:-> Of course depends on the version anything before the reformation I would consider authentic.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
SIMI:-(You are on the horns of a dilemma.Jesus loves all, as He said "He came to save sinners".The consequences of this union presents barriers, conflict of worship, childrens religious future & resultant conflict which WILL ensue.You need to see if he is amenable to change & willing to study & accept your belief which is the true. Council,guidance, prayer is imperative. If you can iron out these issues, then your future will not be fraught with disaster.Divorce is not a solution.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Eloy:->)Not doubting the verasity of your statement but ask, unbiasedly;Mary was His Mother,& her God, she lived with Him, looked into His eyes For 33 years, she loved Him as son & saviour, yet you say she was a sinner.As one who claims sanctification you should know the truth.what proof could you offer to show she was a sinner,when it is recorded in the Holy Bible that she was Blessed amongst all Women & blessed is the fruit of Her Womb Jesus . We know Jesus was God without sin so why not Mary?

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Eloy:->)Your Quote"We the saints,who follow the lord,are sanctified & made Holy & sinless"where does it say all christians are permanently sanctified? Yet Mary had the same qualifications,was attested by the angel sent by God & yet you say she was a sinner seems very contradictory especially as you did not have a visitation.Makes me bewildered.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Lupe:While claiming Blessedness, so be it; Mary was prophesied & acclaimed By God as Blessed. She found favour and recorded in the scripture, is a big difference, I would say, but hardly comparable.If Almighty God can send an angel, call her blessed & chosen, surely we,can accord her the status of reverence & honour, due, to her.You make it sound like taking a cup from the cupboard & using it.True each of us, fulfill a purpose, but that should not lessen her contribution having been chosen by God.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Eloy: I have been following very closely so you say that mary was not a saint Is this your opinion or a statement of Fact as because the definition of saint is now in question because It is recorded that after being told she was to be the Mother of Her saviour she states My soul doth magnify the Lord& therefore that makes her a Believer & as such would qualify to being a saint,according to present day christian standards, as she believed in a redeemer.

Does Jesus Have Mary's DNA
---a:-> It is in the original question as well, I agree being a bystander does debar me from entering the discussion in this forum . But changing my name will not help either right ---a! being a bystander one has the opportunity to view the game But dosent have to enter the game to play something like an armchair critic.Sorry for intruding.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
If Jesus as MAN & God honoured HIS Mother& commandment which he did as it is HIS commandment we as followers of Christ should accord Her The same dignity of Mother of Our saviour, because it is said from this day on people will call me blessed. Which she was .we should not argue about this truth .But then again one has choice I am for bestowing her the honour she deserves.No where has she given us cause to doubt her simplicity sorrow, love dignity, as a caring woman.

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