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My Wife Is Still Having Affairs
Surrender her to god daily in the name of jesus,leave all your burdens in jesus hands.There is nothing you can do except trust god to restore that which was lost,destroyed,stolen,devouvered by the enemy.Jesus will not forsake you nor leave you Phil 4-7. Trust god he will answer your prayer in jesus name.amen.

What Is Your Goal In Life
Trust in the lord with all my heart,and all my might,let nothing stand in my way as i continue to serve the lord reacching out to others helping and showing them god is good. amen. Phil 4-7

Two Different Types Of Baptisms
Holy Spirit filled is Spirit led. Beginning with Acts 2 we can see evidence of the changes brought about in the believers after their baptism in the Holy Spirit. Not only did they speak in unknown tongues but they spoke with holy boldness; they preached Jesus Christ; they healed the sick; and they were joyful in suffering for Jesus Christ.
There love for God and each other began to reach perfection by the Holy Spirit.

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