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My Mom Just Passed Away
thnk u everyone for the words of mom was 65 when she 30.. she battled cancer for 5 months before she passed....i know it wasnt god who did this..but sometimes when things like this happen you lose faith...i just hurt so much inside seeing her be sick and now this....i so want to be with her right now...i need her desperately....she was my life, the only one that didnt hurt me or let me i feel alone..i have 2 older sis, and older bro..but they werent as close to her so they dont understand..i feel like my world has ended

Explain Matthew 6:28
The Lord was speaking to them about the transfiguration which took place shortly after He said that.He was in the midst of Moses and Elijah,,and three of His desciples witnessed it.

Is God Alive Today
Jesus does talk to us, only we are so busy running around with our heads in the clouds that we do not hear Him, listen to what He is saying. I know that He speakes to me, not only that, He is with me every day. I'll tell you why I know, I suffer renal and liver cancer, he sees to it every day that I have the meds I need to see me thru the day, he gives me energy to do most of the things I need to do. I thank Him and God every night for another day. For my life, for my Son and, his wife.I have so many things to be thankful to God and Jesus for, the illness I have is not worth my time in getting all worried and down about it. Even if I die, I Win, I will be home with my Saviour, and God. If I get healed, it'll be a blessing from them.

Prayer For Jehovah Witness
I am a former Jehovah's Witness who was blessed to have my eyes opened to the truth and become a born-again believer in Christ. I was shunned by my own family as a result.

Yes, JWs are very nice people however, every Christian knows that being a nice person is not what gives you eternal life.

JWs are not true Christians and unless they repent, reject their false teachings and become born-again, they will not be saved.

I will pray that this man's wife and family are freed from this cult and that they will be led to salvation.

Hawaii Cruise Vacation

I have never been to Hawaii. It will be a great honor and privillage for me to have a Hawaii Cruise vaccation. It is my prayer that God makes it possible for me one day, as the bible says he grants us our hearts desires if we ask according to His will. Have a blessed day


Stop The Unbearable Pain
I too suffer from arthritus in my joints.The best thing I do is do stretches and exercises daily.When it really flairs up though,(usually when it rains)I resort to taking tylenol and rubbing vicks or ben gay on the affected areas.The medical professionals can start you on pain management.But I personally don,t want to take that route.God bless.

What If Big Bang Is True
Thank you Rocky,and indeed I am blessed from our glorious Lord and savior.May He bless you too as I am sure He has,with everything you need.And may God,in his richness and mercy bless all who read or respond to this subject.The lovely Lord Jesus has promised us eternel life.That,s all we really should focus on.He is our salvation and all we will ever need.

What If Big Bang Is True
No,it does not say that God created the universe.All it says is that God created the "heavens" and the earth.So what is the heavens?Isn,t that the sky and beyond? It also says in John 1,3 All things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made.

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Have you spoken with your mother in law as to your concern for her?And her Doctor?First take it to the Lord in prayer,asking him for his wisdom and insight to this dilemma,then talk to her,talk to her doctor.If the doctor feels like she doesn,t nessicarily need the medication,try to get her to back off from the med.s slowly,thus weaning herself from them.But on the otherhand,if she does not want to get off them,then just leave it in God,s hands.I weaned myself from Zoloft.I was truly addicted to them,thanks to my bully ex husband.But thanks to Jesus,He set me free from both prisons.God bless you and yours.

What If Big Bang Is True
First of all,Alan,I did not say that it was silent.Did I say anything about silent?I don,t think so.Secondly,I am not going to compromise my faith in God by giving in one inch to some dum big bang thoery.To even dwell upon the concept is to let your mind give into temptations.Sure,there probably was a great deal of noise,as the world was being formed at God,s command.And when He created the lions,they must have roared,the gorillas probably beat their chests and stomped the ground,the dogs began barking.Sure there was plenty of noise.But big bang?No.And besides,the people who teach b.b. want you to believe that we came from a fish or a monkey.So I will not even give the matter a place in my heart or mind.

What If Big Bang Is True
Alan of u.k.,
I apologize if I sounded hostile.Forgive me.I certainly would never want to hurt anyone,s feelings.I was only implieing that when I said,bang it happened,that was a joke.No,the bible does not say bang it happened.And on the same note,bang didn,t happen at all.Everything that is in our universe was created by God,s spoken word.With the exception of mankind.The bible says in Genesis that God said let us make man in our image,then the Lord took the dust of the ground and formed man in his image and breathed into his notrils the breath of life.God bless you.

What If Big Bang Is True
Just one more time,...
The mighty magnificent Lord says in his word,when reasoning with his children,who are you to question me?Have you given the eagle his flight,or caused the wild stallion to run swiftly.Were you there when I formed the heavens and gave the seas their place,or told the ocean where to stop on the shore?Tell me if you know.This is a rough example,but to fully get the message,read Job,Isaiah,Psalms,just to name a few.And also,God said he will not share his glory with another.To God all the glory.Darwin,Einstein,or any other learned thoelogian or philosopher is as a fool to the Lord.

What If Big Bang Is True
Uh,...Duh,I know it doesn,t say bang it happened.Nor does it mention anything about a big bang.If God,s holy word doesn,t say it,then it isn,t true.God said let there be light and there was light,God said let the dry land appear,God said let us make man in our image,etc.You can smugly tell me that it didn,t say bang and it happened,then turn right around and speculate that maybe a big bang happened?Pleeaasse!

What If Big Bang Is True
The only big bang is that God said let there be,and bang it happened.Don,t ponder non sensical theories and false teachings.the holy Lord said in his word that the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.

Fiance Borrowing My Money
It sounds as if you have been a very generous person who has been faothful to what the Lord said about giving to those who ask of us.But Jesus also said not to cast our pearls before swine,or they will trample them and turn and rend us.I don,t mean to offend.But it sounds like you are being taken advantage of,and that is wrong.It,s time to just say no.

What Makes You A Christian
Romans 10,9
If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus,and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,you will be saved.And the book of acts tells us to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus and thou shall be saved.Believe,confess,repent,be baptized.And then pray to the Lord daily and read his word daily to grow spiritually stronger.

Cancer Treatment Side Effects
I wonder if you'd be kind enough to identify yourself in some slightly different way (as that is the way I've been signing for several years), in order to avoid confusion in case of conflicting statements? :) It would be nice for both our sakes if you would. Thanks. By the way, did you know our name means "Peace" ? Blessings, Irene

Cancer Treatment Side Effects
My sister had breast cancer.The doctors removed her breast,and then began doing chemo and radiation treatments on her.The treatments caused her great sickness,pain and her hair fell out.She had burns from the radiation.What started out as one small lump,left her in the most horrid state of health.She died one year later.That,s why I do not even consult doctors.I take vitamins,try to eat healthy,exercise,research and partake of natural healing foods,teas and vitamins.And of course put my life in Jesus loving,healing hands.That,s my prescription for life and health.

How To Vote In 2008
Something to think about:
"We must remember that Hitler didn't start killing Jews, he began with the mentally retarded. Next, he killed those in retarded children's hospitals and homes, criminals in Nazi prisons, and finally he emptied old people's homes. Over 40,000 people were killed by Hitler before he began his anti-Semetic campaign. If the state can arbitrarily kill any of us who don't deserve to die, it can kill all of us." (quote by Pratney)

What Day Is The Sabbath
I wonder if you'd be kind enough to identify yourself in some slightly different way, (as that is the way I've been signing for several years), in order to avoid confusion in case of conflicting statements? :) It would be nice for both our sakes if you would. Thanks. By the way, did you know our name means "PEACE" ?
Blessings, Irene

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