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False Prophet & Anti-Christ
A nation divided cannot stand. If we are spending time questioning if our President is the Anti-Christ, we are failing to "give unto Caesar what is due Caesar" as in our hopes and our prayers. I sense fear is the underlying motive of this question. Perfect Love casteth out fear. When we know God is our Protector, our Refuge, we know that no one not even the Anti-Christ will be given power to harm our Spirit. Things of this world gradually fade away while things of the Spiritual world will bring us closer to Christ and being Christ like. Anything less than prayer for our Nation, tears our Nation apart. We have enough "naysayers" it is time for God's love to overcome all obstacles and not for division of state and nation.

Heart Transplant Problems
Sad, but true, SusieQ. I know a woman who drove her family away because of bonafide hypochondria. She squandered every dime, running from doctor to doctor. She's still one, today, without a family. She's 75 now, only her head was sick. Her family turned on her around age 50. Financially, she ruined them. Every dime was spent for a diagnosis search. Mental illness is spotted easier than it was 25 years ago. Experts used to say one in four was mentally ill. Now it's probably one of out of three.

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