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Can I Marry A Muslim
I am dissapointed in sum of the comments ive read. I love God and know jesus as my savior but Im not a full. Many people say muslims are violent and evil..So take a look at the church during the middle ages( reading and teaching the bible was considered a sin punishable by death. It is Paul who said that we should be unequally yolked but that if you are already married to someone of another religion then they are blessed and your children are blessed through your faith. Also was it not god who blessed the fathers of both religion in Ishmael and Isaac. How can we claim to know satan we jesus tells the parable of the good samaritan saved by someone he did not even get along with while being passed by the likes of a rabbi. Pray let god guide you.

Harry Potter Movies Sinful
This is such a funny subject to me that people are actually so inconfident about their ability to teach their children to love god, cherish and adore him above all things that they fear a fictional charcter conjured by a woman trying to make a living will destroy their childrens was a woman working a minimum wage job who's gift from god was her imagination but its the devils tool because the story did not involve jesus. I am a devot Christian and Loved reading the harry potter books as a child. I prayed for god to give me great abilities but I never once wanted the occult, magical powers from lucifer or any such thing. So please let your children explore their imaginations and love god all it once I know its hard but quite possible

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