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I Can't Lose This Weight
fasting is great, but don't fast as useing it as a diet, fast as in asking Gods help in what you should do, getting his guidance, wisdom and strength. and ask God to write his menus for you. Listen to what he tells you to ewat and how much. fast for what He has for you in loosig, not fast to keep from eating.

Moderator - Exactly lva. And a by product of seeking God and His will, you will lose weight. He will guide you to eat better, exercise and actually feel like doing these things versus a great effort.

Who Do I Tithe To
read in the bible about tithing. It is to be given to your church..Lots of verses on tithing.

What To Do About An Affair
cheaters do change, Trust me I know, I was one of them. By the grace of God, asking for forgivness, keeping myself in church, drawing close to God. God will change everyone no matter who they are if we will allwo God to do so, and asking him for forgivness is a must, get in church serve God with all you have.. Yes cheaters change. One more thing, stay away from where temptations are. don't let youself be in a place of temtation..

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