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Can A Woman Be A Pastor
Hey servant, you are hitting it right on the nose. Women should never be in authority
over men with pertaining to the gospel, a husband and wife team is acceptable but even the wife should never council men, for it is man that the father wants to redeem, This doesnt mean she cant preach or tell the good news of Jesus.

How Should Christians Pray
I was told that stating your oath in court before proceedings with your hand on the bible with a promise (DO NOT SWEAR) will void US judicial law, Then you can quote from the bible where applies. Has anyone tried this?

Urgent Prayer Request
May the lord strenghthin you!

Should I Work In China
Money isnt everything, especially when your faith is compromised. Its hard to work around people who have been taught different, its a damper on your spirit! I dont know about you but its to close to the return of jesus for me to be out of place.

I Lost My Job This Week
In every thing that we suffer there is a lesson to learn. You seem to be very talented but need to have your own business, do you dispute often? you say your wife simpithizes with you, will she continue if you dont get another job quickly?
Who will pick up the slack until you do. Ask the lord to help you see yourself.

I Lost My Job This Week
Why would you be in dispute with the administrator? Are you a supervisor, manager, are you paid to make policy?
Our ways are not gods way! should we quit?

I Lost My Cat
Maybe god was jealous! Are you a christian?
The lord looks out for our well being! the same relationship you had with your cat,
Jesus wonts to have with you. Your bond with that cat was pretty strong. Repent, and the lord will send him back.

I Don't Like Being A Wife
Natural show forth the spiritual. If he is not the head of you and the kids then you also fight the will of jesus. You probably don't follow leadership well either. Pray and ask the lord to help you submitt your self to him.

Seeing A Married Man
Lets Keep it Real! He got you so he can bounce back in forth for the Koochy, and you are lonely hopin that he will leave his wife. Trust me, you wont want him later, ask the lord to send you a mate after you rededicate your self.

Husband Makes Ungodly Decisions
Why did you marry him? If he is making ungodly decisions now he was making ungodly dicisions all along. Fast and pray for him.

Church Leader Is Sinning
I don't like that word expose! many times fornication and adultry goes on in the leader ship because the pastor is afraid to lose or offend, or maybe he dibbles and dabbles his self. God is the greatest reprimand and he sees all, just pray.

How To Release My Faith
The evidence of your release faith will be your testimony! how after you asked god and he worked it out for you. Don't be afraid to go to the darkest hour of your situation, thats when the lord will work it out.

Are Women Preachers Scriptural
OH yes, Most of them are teachers of the good news. It is only unlawful for them to have authority in it over men.

People Are Leaving My Church
If its depressing to you, thats probably the reason every bodies leaving! You ought to leave to! Satan has churches to.

What Is The Rapture
Look in your dictionary because you wont find it in the bible.

Can I Be Remarried In Church
Dosnt make any difference if you are married in a church or the backseat of your car! The issue is whether it is legal with god! Jesus makes it clear that divorce is acceptable in Adultrey.

Can Christians Sue Others
Be careful that you are not out for revenge! God is the one who fights our battles! You could easily been brought incontact, to bring judgement upon her! let go and let Jesus.

What Do Demons Do
You wont find demons in the bible! Do you mean devils? We have to use the vocabulary that jesus uses in order to recieve the true understanding which is power.

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