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Most Effective Evangelism Methods
Lift Christ up so the sinner may discern His matchless love as He shed His blood for the sin of the world!

John 12:32

Note verse 33 says "This he said, signifying what death he should die."

No Money To Tithe
Maybe the reason why people don't have much money is because they stopped putting God first in all, including tithing. I know when I didn't pay tithes, I was about to lose everything I had. And my utilites were about to be turned off. I started paying tithes again, and things are going good. Sometimes I have money left over for my wants. But God always provides a way for my needs. Tithing is between you, spouse and God, and no one else. If a person listens to man, they will fail everytime.

Explain 1 Corinthians 10:6
I think someone ought to read what they wrote themself, before talking about others.

Go To Hyprocrite Church
Dear Abby once wrote: "A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints." We're all hypocrites in some ways. When my son stopped attending church because of the hypocrites, I asked him "What better place for them? They should be on the front row. Pray for them and let God deal with them in His own way."

Eve Was Deceived And Adam
Both Adam and Eve allowed themselves to be deceived, so one is just as equally guilty as the other. If I jumped off a bridge to certain death or injury and asked you to do the same....of course I'M being stupid, but if you follow me knowing it's wrong, then you would be just as stupid (maybe more so).

Is Jesus Enough For You
Thank all of you so much for your wonderful replies. I was away for the weekend and dreaded reading the blog for fear someone would think I was being blasphemous or ungrateful. I love Jesus with all my heart and He has done many wonderful things for me. I know we're going to love heaven, whatever it looks like. Love in Christ, JJ

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