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How Can God Send People To Hell
A quick survey of all posts on this topic will reveal that 'Mickey' is winding yo'all up! For an objective/definitive commentary on the topic of Hell may I respectfully suggest those interested read Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, page 592. Then make sure that at no time will Jesus say to you "I never knew you!"

Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops
We disagree about President Bush adding 20,000 more troups in Iraq. We need to let Iraq stand on their own. We have done our part and lost so many lives. Bring our military home.

Where Is The True Praise Music
Based on the history of music, I believe that "the music played by God fearing Christians" that you refer to was considered modern to some many years ago. Beyond that, I agree with the sentiment that praise and worship is unique to each indiviual. The beauty of God is that He is real and relevant to everyone in every situation. It's not fair to say that someone does not fear God when (s)he may be giving Him all (s)he knows to give.

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