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I Need A Christian Friend

Confess My Affair To Husband
When King David had Bathsheba's husband killed after committing adultery with her,I remember when he repented him saying something like,(PARAPHRASED)"AGAINST YOU ONLY LORD,I HAVE SINNED!"You can do wrong to people but the actual sin is against God,not the person,as God created the commandments.If no STD's you should say nothing,and live an exemplary Godly life as a good wife and mom.Your sins are though they never were.And blessedly you have no std's as consequences for your sins.

Is The Catholic Bible Biblical
Folks,the original protestant bible included the Apocryphal books but were taken out after further evaluation.Most Christian theologins,deny the divinity of the books,as not being the inspired word of God,but recommend them as excellent and spiritually beneficial reading.So whats the big deal?

Was Steve Irwin A Christian
Steve Irwin was a delightful human being with a passion for God's creation that puts Christians to shame.He loved all animals,even the unlovely ones,and was a loving involved father.If salvation was based on works and goodness,Steve would definitely be in Heaven.He was an amazing one of a kind character.I would love to know the truth if his family were Christians.

Was Steve Irwin A Christian
guys,how did you make this blog a debate about praying for the dead.Start a new blog.I want to know,if this wonderful fellow,Steve Irwin,really became a Christian or not and I would love to know how to confirm it.Great animal lover,great conservationist,great husband and dad...hopefully a Christian too...

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