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Often I Feel Like A Hypocrite
It is written that:"my children are DESTROYED for the lack of knowledge".
Not knowing what to do.Losted and confused
at the cross-roads.It will get greather
latter.Its a battle of intellect.Not a material battle of warfare.But a spiritual
battle.Solutions is needed,not how funny
the next joke is going to be.You don't know,you don't grow.You don't show your'll
never know.You slow,you blow.Its like a log
... got to keep chiping it.

Should We Ask God For Signs
Signs,are about to be given.THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES.Things that you nor i or anyone
can prevent,hinder,slow down nor control.
It is called THE TURNING-POINTS OF TIME-SPANDS.Bible Prophecy with living proof.
WORDS, from the almighty himself.Ijust speak
for Him.You may say I'M wrong.BUT THE PROOF
IS IN THE PUDDING.There are signs of HIS presence all arround you.You don't have to ask for a won't be able to miss them.

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
JERRY6593...I dont live by scientific
justification or humankind originating
from apes.Before the flood,it was more than
900 years to the landing of noah.You need more of God,and less scientific mesurement
in order to be right.You can't see the
forest for the trees.

Immigration For Non-Christians
It is written,ihave other sheep that are not of this fold.Those too shall come forth
to be converted.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
You don't injure, nelect,or abuse anything
that you love.......if you love it.Otherwise
your'll lose it.>God is on your side.
You are the stronger of the TWO OF YOU.EVENTHOUGH YOU SEEM WEAK TO OTHERS.It is written that God have chosen the
foolish things of the world,to confound the wise.And god have chosen the WEAK THINGS OF THE WORLD,to confound the things which are mighty,and base things of the world,and things which are despised have GOD chosen.Hang tight,you are right.

Baptist Pastor Told Lies
THE Journey of a 1000 miles,begains with one
step.But....there are many steps in between
that must be taken.Its like......a flower.
Don't look for the flower as soon as you plant the seed.Steps must be taken.
In every step there is something that must
be done.Focus on knowledge.And then.....
not just any knowledge.But seek the Almighty Himself.He wants you to know Him.
It shall come to pass and now is,...that
knowledge shall be increased.Press toward the mark
my friend.

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