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What Must I Do To Be Saved
Ye must be BORN-AGAIN.

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
All nations shall be a part of The
Christian Faith.All is invited

Once Saved Always Saved
That is correct. Your'll never go back
to eating bad apples, after you have eaten
on the good ones.

Should Iran Have Nuclear Weapons
No one should have nuclear wepons,
everyone should have God.

Will The Holy Ghost Leave
Yes. The more you let in the negativity the good will go out. And the more you let in the good, the negativity will go out.
Now you tell me.

I Need Proof Of God
The time has come that the wolf can no longer hide among the sheep.
You and the world is about to know,
for he have said that they shall know me from the lease to the greatest.
Be prepared.

Is Holy Spirit A He Or It
It is a He,....i know Him.

Who Has Baptism Authority
We are baptizsd with a different baptism
than water.

Do Prophets Still Exist
Iam a Prophet,and one that brought forth these words:The time has come that the wolf can no longer hide among the sheep.

Is Santa Claus Wrong
The time has come that the wolf can no longer hide among the sheep.

How Can God Send People To Hell
and yet do nothing not to go there?
We choose, no one has to go any where.
We are the god of our lifes.We say
how we ought to be,and who we serve.

Evolution In The Classroom
Some do,some don't. Some can, and some can't.
Some will and some won't.

Predestined To Salvation
Yes, it is already known and expected.

Is Tithing Mandatory Today
Yes,for the regulation of the church.

Why Pray To The Trinity
We don't pray to the trinity we pray to God.
The Holy Spirit is a part of God
And Christ is the son of god.

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