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Are Pastors Better Than Me
They think highly of themselves because they aren't led by the Spirit of Christ.

Jesus was meek and lowly and a servant to others, considering himself less important than everyone else. Someone reborn of His Spirit will have the same heart.

Christ Imparted Or Imputed
I think its been said 1000 times Francis and you dont seem to understand. Yes - we are to obey the law, but doing so does NOT make us righteous nor does it gain us eternal life. Only Jesus Christ does that! Our obedience to the law is done out of love for God and others. We cant obey the law to gain eternal life. If we are doing so then we have fallen from grace. The law can only condemn us!

Therefore you cannot use the law to condemn a believer in Christ.

Christians Who Judge Others
Amen, Mark Eaton. Amen

What Is Faith
//Unfortunately, there are many false teachers of false opinions that twist the Scriptures of its true meaning that can trouble Christians (II Cor. 11:1-4).//--- Kev

And Im sure they would do so in the same fashion the devil does. A lot of truth to suck you in and then a HUGE lie that warps all the truth.

Which is why I dont trust footnotes. To me Jesus was the best Christian ever and He lives in me, so I dont need another man's interpretation.

Burn Quran, Koran Or Qoran

While I dont believe in the Quran, I dont believe we should burn them either.

Scripture seems to teach against offending people of other beliefs by trying to enforce ours upon them. That is not the spirit of meekness. It does not reflect the love of God. If fact it shows our God as angry and vengeful when He is tryin to show mercy and grace to mankind.

Would we bring someone to Christ by burning their 'holy scriptures' in a show of disrespect towards them?

This pastor is simply full of bitterness and rage. People like this give Christians a bad name.

Repentance For Salvation
Christ said we needed to repent. If we believe on Him then we just do what He says.

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
That lost man cannot do anything without the love of God coming to him first- Me

I absolutely believe this, but not in the same manner you do. I believe man can resist Gods grace. You believe it is irresistable.

We are judged for making the WRONG decisions, not for making the ones God wanted us to. Even a child knows this.

Hell was made for those who resist the sovereign will of God which is rooted in LOVE. It is possible to do so. Lucifer did it. Eve did it. Adam did it. We've all done it.

Am I Saved By Belief
But you cannot tell whether they will rebel against God and what they will do when they grow up\

It almost sounds like youre saying they have free will.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

NOT at all what predestination/election (according to Calvin/Augustine) teaches. If God has preselected who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell before we are even born, then it does NOT matter what we teach our children! Nor does it matter what we as Christians do! And that my friend is NOT at all what scripture teaches us.

Did you ever read up on Augustine, Mark?
You think he got all his beliefs from the Bible?

Was The Devil A Snake
Jack B, Of course you're happier with your beliefs. You would rather be the determinator of your fate then to let God be - MarkV

Youre right Mark, the thought of burning in hell for eternity would be much more pleasurable as long as a man knows it is part of Gods sovereign will.

Are you serious!!????

Ya know its easy to be happy about our pain and suffering according to the Lords will as long as it brings about a greater good. What good comes from a man burning in hell forever?

Even God says He has no pleasure in it!!! They very one you claim predestines people to it before they are even born!!!

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
hahaha oh wow Candice. I didnt even notice. I just saw it on the recently replied to blogs .

World Ending In 2012
Itll happen at a moment when noone is expecting it.

A thief in the night.

To me thats the time to look toward the heavens.

Break Off An Engagement
Me personally I believe once a man lies with a woman they are bound together as husband and wife. Thats the way it was in the OT and God doesnt change.

Even Jesus backed this belief up in
John 4:15-19 telling a woman though she was "unmarried", she in reality had 5 husbands.

He knew that in his heart and walked away, so if he lies with another woman he is committing adultery. God should be on your side on this one.

All you can do is pray for him to return. Dont blame yourself at all.

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