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Are Women High Maintenance
It will be the same as asking you why did GOD create so many men who are heart breakers,cheats, selfish.I highly doubt GOD created any person and told them to be all these things we are saying. The world and the society is the one that has instilled these characters in these people both men and women. The world has molded them in to that.

I Am A Prophet
One other word about the propheticwe are HUMAN, sometimes when we get a word it can be wrongor sometimes we dont fully unpack the word and get the wrong gist of what God is trying to say. We are NOT PERFECTto label someone as a false prophet is critical and not for us to judge

I Am A Prophet
We are not perfect, prophets are human. I dont want to argue with you, the prophets of today are not the prophets of the OTDont put God in a boxyes we need to listen to the BIBLE it is our source of truthbut we need to understand that sometimes we dont fully understand the God who speaks in parableswe sometimes misinterpret what he is trying to say

Not Posting a Photo Is A Cover-Up
Because there for many of the names, the same photo would be posted about 30 or 40 X, that would be embarrassing with all of those different profiles and the same photo.

Should I Let The Wife Go
If you want to go, you should not be asking the internet, you should be seeking God about this very serious decision.
If both of you need healing for a mental condition, then both of you should seek help from someone you can trust and consider to be strong, spiritually fit to give you Godly counsel with a Godly hope for recovery. Good Godly medical and spiritual counsel, it's out there, and you must find it immediately.

Should I Let The Wife Go
If you are strong believers, it will take someone stronger than yourself to administer reconciliation, direct you down the right road to recovery, restore your faith in marriage, and apply Godly counsel and medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. I understand that quite often the world's way neglects the spirit and leaves you in a lifeboat without the Preserver for your lives.

Should I Let The Wife Go
Let the marriage go?
Where are those strong beliefs?
Where's your fight as a strong believer?
Was it directed towards each other and not against the strongholds that want to destroy every marriage?
Eighteen years. You will not find anyone different out there. You were attracted to one another, maybe for similar mindsets. You will more than likely find someone just like yourself all over again.
Where's your fight? For mental wholeness and completeness. All things are possible with God.

Should I Let The Wife Go
Divorcing will not heal a person's mind. That same mindset will be going with them wherever they go, into every other relationship, temporary or longterm. It's only a matter of time before all of the old patterns show up again.
The best thing would be to take complete responsibility for whatever the illness is, find help for the spirit and the mind.
Divorce will not heal a mental condition.

Should I Let The Wife Go
If you've been looking for a hole in the fence and have finally decided to dig your way out, it's hard to keep you from running off. You'll both lose financially for the rest of your lives, that's a fact. You'll have to decide if freedom looks so good, 6 months down the road, in the rearview mirror.

August What's Up Blog
Linda, I find it less than interesting to keep 'catherine's game face on as a hillbilly from Arkansas.

Multiple Personality Saved Person
Are you talking about yourself, Donna Holly?
That's a nice story, but I don't how much of it I actually believe. Because all of the names you are using have told so many outrageously dramatic stories, there are few people I actually believe on here, anymore.

August What's Up Blog
B o l o g n a...

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
Jesse's ministry has changed since the big jet. Do you think he's happy?

Boyfriend Says Church Is Boring
Does your boyfriend belive in God?

What Day Is The Sabbath
Well God rested in Sabbath(Saturday) so we should to, if you want another reason e-mail me back

My Daughter Has Heart Problem
I will pray for your daugther, i hope she recovers

I Hate God For What He Did
The devil is tormenting you like he did to Job. God isn't doing one thing wrong to you.

Kissing My Boyfriend
That's nice, Donna. Oh how you do understand the special lasagne dish that leads them to your door.

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