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Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
I assure you, this is wrong. The fact you're trying to validate it is disturbing. That is your ex-son in-law. A big no-no. Don't even think it.

Christian Smokers
I do not smoke but did for years. As I understand the Bible it is a sin to do harm to your body and I believe smoking and drinking to excess is harmful. Lets pray for smokers that they will be able to beat this habit with the help of God.

Is Word Of Faith Doctrine False
Word of Faith churches do not teach twisting God's arm to get him to move. They teach that God loves you and His Word shows us His will in areas such as peace, healing, living holy and prosperity. Quoting the Word builds our faith and renews our minds as the scripture teaches. Joshua was told by the Lord to mediate on the law day and night so that he could have success. As we become mature Christians we believe God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. We rest in the surety of His word

I Hate My Wife
i beilieve in divorce, my husband was exacty the same way, now \i am free, and single and loving it. its ok to admit when its not working anymore, why hate her, when you can be free of her?

Can Christians Do Drugs
i would think if its grown naturally, God intended it for medicinal use only. if you look at people who have eating disorders or cancer, it helps them eat and sleep

Seat Of Our Emotions
I believe its in the soul, we deal with our emotions through our soul.

Sisters A Drug Addict
iam an addict, & lots of times, i lose the battle. its not easy, everyday its a struggle, & i too am a homeless person, if family is close by,the shame & guilt hurt,anger, you feel judged & condemned by everyone, and the hopelessness & it makes you want to do the drugs & ease up on your sister.its a hard road, and she is alone on it. pray her innerbeing can be changed, ask God to change her .

Shortest NT Bible Scripture
Jesus wept.

This to me is one of the most powerful verses of scripture and sums up such an emotional heartfelt God.

First Scripture In Your Mind
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. Psalm 23 v 1

I Lost My Cat
I am so sorry that you lost your cat. I have had to part with so many and have lost one but found her again. I will pray that the Lord will bring the cat home to you. Sometimes they just wander off for a while. I think it is there wild streak in them.

Take care let me know what happens.

God Bless


Do Christians Mature
The soul is the most precious thing to God. To lose your soul to this world is the worse thing. But remember the soul must be part of Jesus Christ where the Holy Spirit can reign then God will help you mature. He is the author and perfector of your faith. Your soul must be born-again without that the soul is corrupt and deceitful.

It is a wonderful thing to belong to Jesus, the peace and protection despite trials reaps an eternal reward forever.

God Bless Jacqueline

If I Became A Christian
Hello unbeliever. It is nice to know that you are inquiring. I have found from experience that the most accepting church is the non-denominational. They teach the gospel and really encourage you to get to know Jesus personally and to have a relationship with Him. And when you are starting out, that is the most important thing you can do.

Reponse To Cults At Your Door
I feel like people that are Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter Day Saints are lost souls that have never been taught the true teaching of the bible that they have turn the bible upside down and defind the bibles beleifes to make christians think that if you don't belive there ways you are lost jacqu3788

Difference Between Catholics
When I was a child I was raised as a Roman Catholic they belive that you are born in sin and that you have to be baptized not long after you are born and when you die that you don't go to Heaven or Hell that you go to purgatory until judgement day.I don't think that it is worng to date or marry a catholic if oneis willing to convert and that both are the same faith I've seen that marriges don't last when there is two differant faiths jacqu3788

Keep Homeless From Shop
I understand that shop owners have the right to deny but you know not all homeless people can help where they are..and they are not all bad.. I have been homeless twice and the only thing that saved me was Jesus. You know if people would realize that one day Jesus could appear as one of the homeless or one of his Angels and we are gonna feel pretty bad..according to the Word what we do to people we also do to Him. We will have to answer to this.

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