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Why Is Satan Called Lucifer
Lucifer was the name given in reference to the king of Tyre, not Satan. The is also no biblical proof of Satan having been a worship leader.

Gift Of Discernment Of Spirits
I have the gift "discernment of spirits." I never seen any dead people- which is clearly not godly, but I can sense the presence of evil and/or evil spirits- usually in people and in places rather than in circumstances. I think that this is Biblical- to sense the presence of evil and recognize deception etc. I don't think that it is witchcraft to see the manifestation of an evil spirit or a demon- many normal,even Christian people have seen demons, they aren't really witches unless they are summoning and aligning themselves with darkness.there was a Biblical story in which a man was summoned by a witch. however your friend needs good Christian guidence. If you're a Christian, encourage him/her in their personal walk with Jesus.

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