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Evangelism Questions That Work
There are many various views on how best to share God's word, just as there are many interpretations of his word. I just hope that all of you proclaiming Christ have blessed and fruitful experiences! We must build each other up because each of us is a part of the same body of Christ, and by encouraging each other, we push forth God's kingdom. There may be different styles and tactics for evangelizing, but I trust that you sons and daughters are doing it to honor God, thus even if it occasionally doesn't seem to "work", it is all for his glory.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
I belong to a Church of Christ. Even tho we don't have musical instruments in our service we don't think they are evil. Our reasons are simple. Instead of having a Praise and Worship team.....we are the Praise and Worship team. I've been a memeber of a church that played instruments and it felt like I was at a concert. Now I feel like I am worshiping God. Not saying that you can't with inst. but I feel like there is less distractions. It's all about heart anyways.

Government Welfare Payments
Matt 25:36 I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me, I was in prison and you came to Me.' I don't think the church today uses all of its tithes wisely. We worry too much about "upward basketball" and other programs yet look hard to see if the same amount of funds go to out reach of the needy.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
I left the CofC 15 years ago due to the fact that this certain church believed that they were the only ones going to heaven and dwelled on their worship. After time away from God and also looking around my wife and I looked at our local CofC. I was afraid at first that they would be legalistic.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
But to my suprise they were "liberal" and have opened my eyes more to what it means to be a christian. Their motto is "christians only....but not the only christians". I think we have to be careful how we pigeon hole others. and also be careful on who you call a cult. Remember, the Jews and Romans all called the early christian church a "cult". If that was a cult, I am proud of being in one.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
Judith: WHAT?

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