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Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
I think they do not get forgiveness from God. They have to go to Hell to pay for what they did with their own pain, suffering, and humiliation. The world we live in is increasingly polluted and not liveable. They can have it. With their dead kids everywhere.

Husband Looks At Her Picture
My husband looks at seductive pictures of other men. I try to ignore it but he seems to be losing attraction for me. He is always looking at other men wherever we go. He glances at their bodies with elevator eyes. What should I do?

Will God Destroy Pork Eaters
Just below the line: reply to this Blog Question, there is a suggetion made to order a brochure dealing with the eating of pork and shrimps. It is wellwritten and gives a good answer to the question asked.

Will God Destroy Pork Eaters
When Jesus returns to earth
"the Lord will come with fire and with his chariots...the Lord will judge all flesh and the slain of the Lord will be many...those eating >SWINE'S FLESH and THE ABOMINATION AND THE MOUSE, shall be consumd together says the Lord. ISA 66:15-17
The Bible is clear. Distinction between clean and unclean meats existed long before the NT was written, the health laws were followed by the leaders and members of the early Church and they will still apply at the time of Christ's return in the future, when He will enforce them. Therefore they are clearly to be observed today
by the members of the modern Church, which "keeps the commandments of God and has the testmony of Jesus Christ REV 12:17,

Did God Create The Devil
MARK V: You seem to believe that before sin was committed
there was no potential for sin
to happen.
I rather believe that God created all beings free to choose to obey God or to rebel, and the DEVIL resulted from Lucifer's bad choice, resulting in outright rebellion.

Did God Create The Devil
Lucifer was created a being which the Bible says was the seal of perfection, it was full of wisdom and beautiful
to boot.
BUT Lucifer was also created with the fredom of choice and
that's where he changed to be-come the devil. His beauty led him to lift himself above God, (Pride) his wisdom became corrupted and his attitude led hm to bring about war in heaven and the fall of 1/3rd of the angels,a fairly large rebelion.

Who Can We Trust
You can fully trust the Bible, the Word of God, because it is the TRUTH.
Jesus quoted Scripture when meeting the temptations of Satan and he also stated that the Bible is truth John 17:17.
Finally Jesus often quoted Scripture as authority for the truth He was teaching.

How Will You Get To Heaven
Romans 10:9-10 is how I will get in Heaven.

What Is Satans Primary Attack
To get our focus off of Jesus Christ and onto anything else.

Nostradamus Mabus Anti Christ
I tend to agree with you about Bush. Seems to me the anti-christ will have to win over the so-called Christians first and Obama doesn't remotely fit that bill.

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