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Bigfoot Sasquatch Skuck-Ape
These types of things scare me.

Authority Of Satan And Demons
Too much at times, but we need to still watch out.

I Just Accepted Jesus Christ
once you ask Jesus into your heart, He already forgive you of your sins and you are already his child.And as a child of God,you have a place prepared for you in heaven. Jesus is the only way to heaven,not your good works.The bible says "for by grace are ye saved, through faith it is the gift of God.Not of works lest any man should boast."Salvation is God's gift for everyone.

Creation Week Eons Of Time
Warwick: 'All Scripture is God breathed- don't you get?'

There are actually two problems here, one important and one not. First of all, since this was written by Paul, Paul would appear to only stating what was then known as Scripture - the OT only. On this talk, which IS about the OT, it's not an issue, but it still must be remembered.

The other one is that while he describes 'Scripture' we still find multiple copies of books that have minor differences. So which of the two is 'God breathed'. Only one can be if there is any difference in meaning

I Am A Quaker And Catholic
Eloy: Be careful about your assumptions!!!!

Evolution Helped Creation
Warwick: 'The fact is these days even prominent atheistic evolutionists such as Proff. Richard Dawkins are unwilling to debate creationist scientists, as they know their story falls apart upon careful inspection.'

Careful inspection by WHOM? Christians who put the Bible first - there, we ALL know it does

Inspection must, though, be like a court - an IMPARTIAL observer.

But WHERE can we find one?

Christian Friend Becomes Atheist
A desturbing response to people struggling with faith is lack of compassion, the arrogance of insinuation if they knew how to pray, God would heal.This is a fallen world. Many do not know what love of God means.Spiritual healing can happen in illness, God's strength is there for us.Jesus understood the world. He suffered because of mans evil, exposing it with grace. He rose demonstrating it is possible to live again whole with peace that defies understanding. Those that hurt, look to Christ for compassion, love personified. God will not control, we have free will, but compassion and guidance is there to 'resurrect' you in healing beyond the situation. Find loving,supportive friends as you go through trials.

Explain 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
Stephen Gola on 1 Corinthians 14:34-35: "Let women keep silent. . ." Paul was responding to questions from the Corinthians. Paul's assertion (and Christ's) is that "the Spirit is given to every man." The Greek word for "man" here meaning humans-both genders-"there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28). Statements in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 never ORIGINATED with Paul. Paul repeated them to the Corinthians in disbelief. The following word in the Greek is "WHAT?" an exclamation of absurdity. Paul said that they WERE NOT commands from the Lord but "ignorance" Christ taught that the women and men are both the church of Christ.

Obedient To An Angry Husband
He throws a tantrum (slamming things around, throwing things) in such a furious rage (a dish wasn't washed) and my reaction is to make sure the entire house is clean because I fear the next outburst. Is that "submission" or "survival"? I think it's the latter. I don't feel like I'm doing it for love but in order to keep peace.
He's so volatile... but you'd never know it to see him teach Sunday school...

Why Do So Many Christians Lie
I worked in public alternative education run by "Christians." There were no grade-level texts, my books / supplies were stolen by staff, attendance was falsified, and grant funding used for other puposes. A student was resisting an abortion, I sent her to the principal who was very publically against abortion. I heard him laugh about her abortion as "I guess she changed her mind." All of this done under the Name of Christ. Rather than complain I kept quiet for fear of hurting the cause of Christ. Someone anonymously compained about some of these things. The "Christians" gossiped and said it was me. I did not complain. I am having trouble finding another job, and I would appreciate prayer.

Rate The President
The Bible says that God has set the rulers in authority over us, and that we are to pray for those in power.

Further it says that if any man seems to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God I Cr 11:16 KJV

As Christians we should seek to glorify God in our actions and words. Scripture should be our guide. II Titus 3:16 NIV

Born-Again Single Women Exist
yes we are there and at this time I'm looking for a born again Christian mana for a seriouse relationship the marriage.

If you are looking for peace, there is a way to balance your life. No one can be perfect, or have a perfect life. But every one of us has the opportunity to experience perfect grace through a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Should Christians Smoke
People place too much on smoking and hardly none on other fleshly pleasures. Overeating, or not eating nourishing foods, eating anything that is bad for you (ie:processed food)
The list goes on of what is bad for you.
One Christian was telling another Christian how smoking is a sin, yet didn't consider her own overweight body.
Smoking is a bad habit not easy to break as is all other habits. Chewing your fingernails, playing with your hair, watching too much television, etc.

It is what goes out of our hearts that
defiles us, not what goes in our mouth is what Jesus said.
Eating with unwashed hands is not a sin.
And look at what germs could be on unwashed hands.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Hi, well with your two boys i certainly think they are old enough for a proper spanking, i think hand should be enough for the 3yr old but maybe a wooden spoon or something similar for the 5yr old, and both should have their pants and underwear pulled down or removed, spankings should always be given on the bare bottom as far as im concerned.

Will We Know People In Heaven
I do believe that we will know our loved ones when we get to heaven. Noone can convince me otherwise. But, the greatest of all will be seeing the face of Jesus. I can't wait!

God Wakes Me Up
Don't under estimate God. He can do anything, anything at all. He's appeared to me in the night - waking me up. Just because we haven't experienced something someone else has, who are we to say God won't do this or do that. God will not be understood by man. Foolish is the man who thinks he can understand Him and his ways.

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