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See Demons Everywhere
You need to get her delivered. Take her to your pastor or leadership and command in the name of Jesus to leave her and any other spirits associated with that demonic spirit to go and not come back. Anoint her with oil and ask her if she has opened any doors, like new age, or witchcraft, magic, or watching horror movies or reading things that are not holy. She needs to stop and ask God to forgive her and then fill her up with the peace that passes all understanding whose mind is stayed on thee. Also the demons may be where she lives, she need to do a house cleaning, get any idols that may be there and anoint the house and bleed the blood and command any spirits to go in Jesus name and then ask God to fill the house with his glory.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
It is a gift and it says in Mark 16 in the bible, "All those who believe, these signs shall accompy them, they shall speak in tongues, cast out demons, and lay hands on the sick and they will recover. If you don't believe, you won't receive. I personally don't think christians that don't have it are second rate, but I pray that everyone receives it, because it is a awesome gift to have. It's for power, protection, prophecy, direction, strength, boldness, joy, discernment, and deliverance.

I Am A New Christian
Praise God! Do you know that the angels are rejoicing about your salvation? I would recommend that you read one Psalm and 1 Proverb every day. Also start readin the New Testiment first, James for trials, and get connected in a spirit-filled church, that teaches the word of God. Make sure that the word being taught aliens up with the bible, don't just follow what man teaches, make sure for yourself that it comes from the bible, because there are alot of false teachers out there.

Are There Prophets Today
I believe to test a prophet is to see if what they say comes to pass. If it doesn't, then he is a false prophets. In the bible, the prophets came to warn the church about walking rightly and to give them a word from God. I think prophets also give words of correction, rebuke, and also can give accurate future events that will happen. They also usually flow in healng and miracles also. I have been propesied that I am likened to a Prophetess in the bible, I would have never called myself that unless God had not sent someone to tell me so. But I felt it for years as he would give me prophetic words and they would always come to pass within a month or sooner and they would be confirmed by 2 or more. Prophets also get visions and dreams.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
There are alot of christians that lived like the world and got saved. I was wild and crazy also until I got saved, but I have not been with anyone for 17 years and in the eyes of God, I feel that I am a born again virgin, since I have not been with any man since I got saved and will not until I get married. I feel it's ok if you want to get her tested if she had alot of partners, but I think that if she has been walking holy, you are judging her if she has waited until marriage. But if you want a virgin, then you need to find that and let her go because you will not be happy.

Are Catholics Christians
You are right. Catholics are not Christians. They add and take away from the bible. God says if you do this in the last chaper of Rev. you will not enter the kingdom of God. Just because you believe in God, doesn't mean that you will go to heaven. satan believes, but he isn't going to heaven. The catholics have believed in man and have not aliened up the word with the Priest.

Is Wearing A Cross Wrong
Wearing a cross with Jesus on it is what Catholics usually wear, because they don't think that savation is a free gift from God, They think that they have to do works to get to heaven. Jesus is off the cross and is in heaven and to keep him on the cross is saying that he is being crusified every day and they think it is a reminder of what he has done for us, but he died and rose again, and we don't have to work our way to heaven.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I'm sorry, but God says teach them in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. I have been a teacher for 3 years and I have never had to spank a child. Time-outs work and if they are done properly and you would have started it, you would not have to spank them. I think a mother to be should read a book on human development and it will teach you everything you need to learn about communication and discipline. If your child acts out, you time them out 1 minute per their age. It's never too late. The problem with parents is they don't follow through and without consistancy their is caous. Parents are usually too lazy or tired or ignorant to do time-outs and if they were consistant, you would see your child change.

I Am Depressed And Sad
He sounds like a religous person who does not know how to love and it probably came from his past and his parents not expressing love for him, so he cannot give that to you,
Both of you need to seek christian counseling and if he doesn't want to, then I would say pray for him and ask God to deal with his heart and command all those demonic strongholds to be broken in Jesus name and ask God to change his heart and teach him to love you. Seek out a women's church group and get prayer yourself so they can support you. God bless you.

Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
The thorn in his flesh I think , was PRIDE.
People think that he had it forever, but it does say in the end of book that God healed him of it. I think that he got puffed up, and God had to humble him for awhile, to teach him a lesson, and then he healed him evenually. Sin can always open doors to sickness and disease.

Husband Has Female Friend
Its not up to us to make a judgement on what is happening with your spouse and his friend. I believe, however, that you have the right to voice your concerns and ask that he respect them. I am sure he would ask no less of you if the situation was reversed.

Reading Harry Potter
I am a Christian who has read every Harry Potter book and seen all of the movies. As far as I am concerned they are nothing but a good read. They are fantasy. As a matter of fact the hero of the book does not promote evil but wants to destroy it. As far as the spells being actual. Come on guys! Not even!

Are We To Forgive People
God expects us to love our brothers as he does. In order to truly love you must know how to forgive. Yes, it probably is a double standard. But if we love the Lord how can we do any less?

Can Ladies Wear Pants
Where does it say in the Bible that she can't?

Someone Propecied For Me
Well, Moses, we have a bevy of prophets perusing these blogs. So far, they're batting about zero, but if you go looking for a word, you'll find one. It probably won't be God, and it might mess with your head/heart. I agree, seek God on your own. He's more than able to give you a word.

Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism
Some people have that as a phobia that one cannot help or control without therapy. Phobias can cause severe panic attacks in people. Having a panic attack as a result of a phobia does not mean they have not accepted Christ. There is a big differece between basic fear and phobia. Also what do you do for the new believer who may be hooked to a ventilator because they are a quadroplegic and therefore cannot be submerged. I would think pouring water over the head would be acceptable.

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