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Must Christians Tithe
Tithing is something that God asked us to do to see where our heart is. We can put money, our jobs, our car,sports, and time before God. I believe it was to test us to see who we put first. We can make everything an idol and I believe God used money to have us give because that is one of the hardest thing to let go of. In the bible, it says "Its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Malichi "Will I not open up the windows of heaven and pour out more blessings than you you can even contain. Its also say if you give little, you get little, if you give much, you will received much. If you give,the blessings will be pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing.

Speaking In Tongues
We can all receive this gift. God says in Mark 16, All not some, but all those beleive in Jesus Christ, will speak in tongues, cast out demons, and lay hands on the sick and they will recover. The scripture where they said in the bible I would rather have you prophecy, than speak in tongues is you have to look at the reason that he said it and it was because everyone was out of order and was trying to boast of what they were doing. There is your prayer language and then there is tongues and someone has to interpret. But if everyone is in order, than you can pray in tongues at church if everyone believes that and if they don't then, it should be explained for people that are new.

Can Christians Drink One Beer
God said get drunk in the spirit, and not on wine. We should be asking ourselves, why do we really have to drink at all? I don't know too many people that can stop at 1 beer and is not tempted to have more. When I came out of the world, all alcohol did was made me forgetful and depressed. When you get saved, I had no desire to drink anymore. Usually when someone drinks, it is to fill a void. When you come to the Lord,
God fills that place with his Holy Spirit.
Jesus never drank, so why would we? Who are we following? We are to be as like Christ. God called his priests kings and prophets not to drink from birth. Jesus was all 3 and if we are a royal priesthood, we shouldn't either.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
The moderator is correct. If I met a man, even though he is handsome, and he told me that he was Hindu, I would try to bring him to Christ instead of dating him. I don't understand Christians that allow themvselves to date outside their religion. God gave us these rules for a reason. I have seen many christians marry unsaved or different religious faiths and all it will do is end in heartache. He will not allow you to go to church or talk about Christ, nor will he understand what you are talking about. When he said he was a Hindu, you should not even dated him. You did that and then you fell inlove and now you will problems. Then you can't divorce him, because you chose this, you can't leave and then you will be committing another sin.

Deliverance Ministry
Yes, the Lord told me the reason why people are not set free is because they have not been prayed for and set free of their strongholds. I dont think that many churches even teach on this. We should also have a prayer room for anyone that wants to receive prayer. I have been licenced and ordained and I am called to inner and physical healing, deliverance and prophetic. I have been delivered of alot of strongholds and been healed many times from the Lord.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I agree that is too old. I was spanked until I was 12, but anything over 14 would be too old. And for the man that pulls down his childrens pants at 15, that is definitely not respectiing their body and borders on perversion. It says in the word "Train them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. I tell you what worked more for me is having my allowance taken away and being grounded. If privledges were taken away, that hurt way more than a spanking. Grounded means no cell phone, no computer, no TV, to take anything away form them they they really want to do. I was a teacher for 3 years with children and I found that if you did time outs correctly, you would never have a unruly teenager.

Miracles Don't Happen To Me
Maybe you have just been praying for a answer to prayer. Miracles are instantaneous, or you are delivered from an addiciton or healing. But when I got healed from indrometriosis, it didn't just happen right away, God would heal me every month alittle bit for 6 months and then he healed me completely. If he had healed me right away, I would not have learned about standing on the word. God said "When you have done all that you can do, STAND" God also said "If you doubt, you will receive NOTHING from the Lord. Doubting God is not trustingt God and calling him a liar.

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
Are you not reading your bible. It clearly says that he was one of the most beautiful angels and was the leader of the worship. He got puffed up and thought he could do better than God, and because of his pride, was sent to Hell.

Should I Leave This Church
You should leave if the what the Pastor says is not aliening up with the word of God. You will get a peace when God releases you and its time to go. I know alot of people afraid to leave because they have been there so long and are afraid of change. I felt led to leave a church and it took me about a year to find another, but I didn't stay at home on Sundays, I was seeking out a church every week. Its hard to find a church that does not compromise and walks in Holiness, whic the church is lacking. Of course, no church is going to be perfect, but if there is no love, and they are teaching false doctrine, then I wouldn't stay. God bless

Ghosts Of The Dead
Ghosts are just demonic spirits sent by Satan to attack people. God said "It is once to die, and then the judgement. If we are not christian, then we have no authority to command them to leave. The only people that I know that have seen ghosts are unsaved people and christians that are sinning. Also if you do not cleanse your house from Idols and things that are not holy, then satan has every right to even attack Christians, because you have opened that door to evil.

What Is A Rosary Used For
Are you a Catholic or a christian? There is nowhere in the bible that say anything about rosarys, purgetory, praying to saints.
That was added by the Catholic church. God says the the ONLY WAY to the Father is through Jesus Christ not Mother Mary. Also when Mary came to Jesus one time, he didnt even receive her, he cared more for the people. God says its not by works, but its by grace that we are saved. Also praying to dead saints is called necromancer, that is praying or talking to dead people, that is witchcraft. Also the bible says "Do not pray to a statue without ears that can hear or eyes that cannot see.

Friend Becoming A Mormon
Yes, tell him it is a cult, just like the Jehovia Witnesses, and Hari Christnas. Momanism's believe that Jesus Christ was a brother of satan? They also believe that they came from a planet called Colog, and they wear these invisible underwear that is supposed to give them power. They also say that if you leave the morman church that they will kill you. He needs to research this, the mormans pull people in with their love, but they are deceptive and he can go to any christian bookstore and read for himself how they operate. They also pray in a temple with the sign of the third eye which is pagan worship.

Do End Times Scare You
I think they don't have the reasurrance of their salvation. Like the Catholic church, if you ask them if they know for sure if they are going to heaven, they can't tell you because their religion is based on working your way into heaven. They even believe that their is a purgatory, someplace between heaven and earth, and they have to see if all their sins or good deed will allow them in. That is so unscriptureal. As christians we have that assurance and peace, and I can't wait to go
Amen, Hallaluga!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited.

What Can God Do
Of course, he is God, who created the heaven and earth, who created you and the bible says knows every hair on your head. All things are possible. God says in Mark 16, All those who beleve in him, shall cast out demons, lay hands on the sick and speak in tongues. Some people don't think God can heal everyone. but in the bible he said he healed them all, not some, but all of them. God say if you say to this mountain, be thou removed and believe in your heart, and DO NOT DOUBT, then you shall receive whatever you ask, it doesn't say you may get it. You will. Either you beleve Gods' word or you call him a liar.

Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong
Nowhere in the bible did Jesus drink alcohol. At the last supper, he drank the fruit of the vine, which was unfermented grape juice. God also refused wine mixed with gaul on his cruisifixion. God also called his prophets, priests and kings not to touch wine from birth apon point of death. Since Jesus was all three and we are called to be a royal priesthood, then we are alos called not to drink. God also says if you cause someone to stumble, you will be judged

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