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President Trump
Trump is nothing he talks about kids rapes people he is a racist and all ways be.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
Spanking him harder for peeing himself that's what I would do.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
I do not think you should break up like everyone is saying. I am in one of those relationships right now and I'm still here in my faith. He knew that I was a strong believer and I knew that he was atheist. He knows that I put God first and he accepts that. He is slowly joining my life, he is now starting to come to come of my churches mission trips. He has not come to church service yet, telling me he doesn't think he'll be able to handle that right now. He has been through some rough times, but he is getting there. You should keep you love with him strong, though you love with God even stronger. God said for you to ask in his name and you shall receive. PRAY!

Why Do Christians Backslide
I spent over 6 years seeking God, I put a lot of time, energy and effort into this. I wanted the kind of marriage relationship Jesus had with the Father. Jesus sensed the second his Father turned away from him, it was a very real and tangible presence. I did sense this very few times at church, but that was it. I think many people backslide because of disappointments because God is so passive. I realized it is impossible to have this kind of relationship with God, so what is the point of being some religious freak who doesn't know God, abolutely nothing.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Jesus did make wine. Drinking alcohol is not a sin, getting drunk is. People can make responsible choices, and if they choose to get drunk than that has nothing to do with free will. Everything in moderation people. Paul urged Timothy to drink wine. Drinking wine and beer in moderation has its health benefits. It's ok to have a drink here and there, show me in the bible where it says to not have 1 drop of alcohol. I guess people who preach this would be hypocrites if they drink coffee, since caffeine is a drug known as a central nervous system stimulant, and alcohol is a central nervous system depressant.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions

My article was of tourism nature. So,
less people come to the church means less income for Pastor. It is located on the tourist area.He owns the church. So, all offerings go direct to him and his wife.

The regular attendants are less than 50 people which incl. the expatriates.

No one can force anyone to come to church and so it has nothing to do with my articles.

However, it is him feels insecured about the whole issue. So, he pounds on me.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
He didn't condemn the article but me, for visiting the feast and to write about the feasts.

The articles I wrote was of tourism nature to promote my town to the foreign tourists.

We decided to stop attending this church now because we can't tolerate the exploitations.

If we take his warning not to mix with the catholics, then how can the outreach be? We are currently sharing gospels with these catholics whom we made friends with including a nun who came from Rome.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Moderator: Let me clarify. It was a tourism write-up which has nothing to do with religion nor faith.

My Pastor became a protestant and hateful against the catholics when the catholic church against the bar & pubs that he opened. He also brought in his political matters to the church.

However, in the church services and bible studies, he preached hatred against the catholics. Christ preaches love.

Moderator - Your pastor has a bar?

I Don't Understand The Bible Well
Learn the bible bit by bit, start "quite time" 10 minutes daily helped by guidance books like Our Daily Bread. Join services and bible study will help a lot. May the Holy Spirit help in your study.

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