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Are Women High Maintenance
Mommy and daddy spoiled the hell out of them when they were growing up which most of them now want a man with money since they want everything that they can get. Most women now will never marry a man that makes much less than them which certainly does make them very selfish, spoiled, and very greedy as well. It is just too bad that they can't accept a man for who he is, especially when many of us men do make much less money than many of them since a lot of women now have their careers.

Can Christians Sue Others
My daughter was molested by a church member. Using your logic I should not press charges. What if a man in the church murders another man in the church. Should they follow the "steps" or should a trial take place? Matthew 18 is dealing with sin against brothers. A sin is not necessarily a crime in the eyes of our country. The Bible also tells us to follow the laws of the land. In the case of my child if I did not report the crime I would be allowing this person to be free to prey on other children. I have forgiven the person who stole my child's innocense. However, that does not mean he will not have to face a judge for his crimes. Better to face a man judge and suffer time on earth than to fail to repent and lose ones soul.

Embrace The Evolution Myth
I don't see why we need to compromise God's word with evolution. Evolution is contrary to the bible in most respects. Like creation, evolution is a world view wherein one must have FAITH that it happened, therefore, it is religious. We weren't there to observe it and it can't be reproduced. I think the reason why some Christians rely on evolution is because they have been indoctrinated from a very young age and have believed the lie. The bible clearly states how ALL life arose and it didn't take millions of years to do it.

Void The Law Through Faith
We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ and not by works, although works are a reflection of our faith.

James 2:17-18
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

Did Adam And Eve Go To Heaven
After Adam and Eve fell there is no indication that they ever went back to God. So they are probably in hell. Hopefully they are in heaven but I don't see any indication that they are there.

Holy Spirit Is Gone
I have seen the Holy Spirit in 3 movies: Jesus of Nazereth (his Baptism), Spiderman 3(immediately after Mary Jane breaks up with Peter on the bridge), and Transformers - Rise of the Fallen (lands on the Sphinx's nose before the last battle sequence of the movie). How Blessed I am to share this with you, I have something more to share with you on the next email.

Holy Spirit Is Gone
I've seen two movies recently and believe they are the sign of the times. The Rite is not about exorcism or the devil, but to have love & faith in God. Black Swan in general is a game changing event such as internet or 9-11. Spiritually, the movie effected me to reveal and warn all to repent, be prepared with our lamps and oil at all times, the Holy Spirit will leave us soon. Read Isaiah 19 about Egypt's civil war. Good Bless You.

Demon Jumped On Me
I have had it happen to me wide awake. Before i was saved and about 20 years old. I remember listening to my parents talk in the other room when i lifted my arm for whatever reason and it instead lost total control. WHich immmediately spread to my entire body. Simoutaniously a dark figure fell ontop of me holding me down. Same thing, couldnt breath, talk, nothing. Asking God to save me in Jesus name just in thought, since i could not speak, usually did it. Its not sleep paraylisis i know the difference. Its totally different. This is demonic to the core. Since i was saved I no longer had the attacks. Or like i call it being jumped by demons.

Should She Date A Disabled Man
The Implicit Association Test conducted at Harvard University indicates 76% of the population harbors unconscious prejudice against the handicapped. Unfortunately, it's a behavioral tendency, not a choice. Political philosopher John Stuart Mill might have called this "tyranny of the majority".

Ultimately, love requires acceptance. If her friends are getting involved in her romantic life and cannot support her love for a handicapped man, perhaps they are not the best influences. Even good people can be bad influences. It is a matter of priorities: loving husband vs. accepting friends.

I'm disabled and have not found an accepting woman in over ten years. I sympathize and wish them the best of luck.

Anointed By God To Heal
Most of those that preach healing do not have faith for themselves to be healed, they feel as if they deserve their impairment or as if it's their burden to carry. I personally have been used greatly in healing ministry, yet I struggled with severe back pain for almost two years- then it dawned on me that Jesus healed me too! Once that simple revelation clicked in my pea brain, I made a stand against the devil and I was completely healed! Never an issue since then...

What Are Ghosts
I am a "Ghost hunter" but I usually call myself a "Demon hunter" becouse that's what I always find. The "spirits" I deal with are without a doubt demons. I know the truth about them and things can get really interesting when encountering them. What I do is go into People's homes to document the torment they are living under. I don't suggest doing this unless you're really serious about wanting to show the world the real truth. I trust in God for my protection and He always comes through for me. These are NOT human spirits. No doubt about it. They gain your confidence by pretending to be a relative or some poor lost soul trying to make it to the light. Then they attack.

Does God Restore Your Virginity
Yes, God restores one's virginity. As Christians we are Christ's bride, and being holy, perfect, and just, God cannot marry a sinner (or a prostitute, the term God occasionally uses in the OT for those who sell their lives for the possessions of this world), which is what we are because of our sinful nature and actions. Therefore the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin, making us holy and perfect. He restores to his Bride the virginity that was lost so that she is perfectly radiant and worthy to be his Bride. Therefore if a man can't love whom God loves, then find another man!

Who is David Jeremiah
Replying to John. I've been to Foothills in El Cajon and I didn't notice anything charismatic about it. The preaching was actually kind of normal, not wanting to say dull, but leaning that way. As far as Pastor Jeremiah, I do have a problem with the fact that he lives in a mansion and drives a $100,000 Mercedes, there's endless biblical text that would warrant against such practices. But I've been touched by his preaching, especially his current radio broadcasts on prayer. I really don't think I can judge though, one person's sin is vanity, mine is lust, another's may be greed. But let's not judge one another.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Interesting debate. Those who object to Harold Camping's teachings are reading the Bible way they want to read. I guess this is why people didn't recognize their own God, when Jesus came. Nothing is suprising here.

Demonic Dreams At Night
Hi Chris.
I used to have similar dreams and suffer sleep paralysis.
Get ahold of me and we can talk. Tenax_ hot mail

Is Angel Worship Sin
Yes it is. Angels are just the mailmen of God.Like what was pointed out the angels themselves even tell you no to worhip them. "See that you do not do that!."

Sure you can thank the mailman for delivering you the letter but you also need to write back to the person who wrote it and mailed it in the first place.

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