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Is The Bible Trustworthy
\\His word (the Bible) is holy, unalterable & (unlike us) is incapable of error.\\

Even where it says that bats are birds?
---Cluny on 10/31/11

Just because man has a certain classification system doesn't mean God should use the same. Whales are also referred to as fish in the bible.

Christian Embrace Evolution
1)Do you believe He took the time to create the world by laying down geologic strata?
2) Are you familiar with the phrase "ontogeny recapitulated phylogeny"? Was that also done to deceive?
---Rocky on 10/31/11

1) As has already been explained to you, the flood can easily account for the strata, but of course you believe that to be allegory as well.

2) So youre promoting Ernst Haekel's BIG LIE? He doctored drawings of dog and human embryos to look the same. He lied to prove evolution and was convicted of fraud in 1875. To quote your favorite source, Wiki "Modern biology rejects the literal and universal form of Haeckel's theory". You need to do better research, Rocky.

Christian Embrace Evolution
We do not know what evening and morning meant on days 1-3... neither the earth nor the sun were in existence at the beginning. ---StrongAxe on 10/29/11

Why would you assume days 1-3 would be any different than 4-6 when the same terminology is used, establishing the day and night cycle? You're making assumptions by saying it's different. And your wrong the earth was created at the beginning.

It could be the light in v.3 is coming from God. The bible says God is light. Rev 22:5 says "And there shall be no night there, and they need no candle, neither light of the sun, for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever."

What Do Mormons Believe
1) You are only admitting to your own ignorance. You either have no idea what a cult is or know very little about the Mormon church. They dont come close to being considered a cult.
---Rocky on 10/14/11

Wrong again Rocky, Mormonism IS a cult. They teach:
1) That there are many gods Book of Abraham 4:3
2) That we can become gods and goddesses D & C 132:19-20 and have spirit babies who will worship and pray to them - Gospel Principles p. 320
3) That God the Father was once a man like us and progressed to become a god and has a body of flesh and bone - D & C 130:22


What Do Mormons Believe
Teachings of Mormonism (continued):
4) That God himself has a father, grandfather, ad infinitum - Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith p.373
5) That Jesus, angels, Lucifer, all demons and all humans were originally spirit brothers and sisters - Abraham 3:22-27
6) That eternal life is earned through obedience to all the commands of Mormon Church including exclusive Mormon temple rituals - Gospel Principles p. 303-304, Pearl of Great Price third article of faith
7) Baptism of the dead so that those deceased may enter the Kingdom of God - D & C 124:29-39
Theres much more, but Ill leave it at that for now.

Btw Joseph Smith was a freemason and many of the temple rituals were borrowed from freemasonry.

Planet Created In Six Days
1) The current evolutionary theory does deny God because it says it all happened by naturalistic processes or did you forget that part?

Again narrow-minded thinking. God could've used the evolution process, in-whole or in-part, to create the Earth.
Rocky on 10/13/11

OR he could have just spoken it into existence instantaneously like he did everything else. Evolution is contrary to the bible in most respects, but we can leave that for another thread.

What Do Mormons Believe
Now what are you babbling about? Mormons believe the NT and OT are scripture. They believe in Jesus, that he died on the cross for us, and is the only way to salvation. They believe in faith, repentance, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. They believe in the literal Bible stories of the creation and the flood. On all of the important topics they believe much the same as other Christians.
---Rocky on 10/13/11

Gee, sounds good, so why'd you leave?

Planet Created In Six Days
1) Likewise the creation story. Little kids often learn the creation story at a tender age, long before they learn about evolution. If anything this explains a bias
2) It's simple. I already know. They think theyre required to believe it to protect their belief in God ---Rocky 10/13/11

1) NOT true. Ever read childrens book on dinosaurs? Theyre told billions of years from the outset. So preaching Gods word as its written is a bias, eh?
2) WRONG again! They believe it because God said so, but also because thats where the evidence leads, but lots of people including evolutionists prefer not to know the truth. I think youve just accepted evolution at face value without seriously questioning it and considering the alternative.

Planet Created In Six Days
2) You fear evolution because you think it denies God. It doesn't.
---Rocky on 10/12/11

The current evolutionary theory does deny God because it says it all happened by naturalistic processes or did you forget that part?

It would be nice if you made just one post on this thread without a single lie or distortion.
---Rocky on 10/13/11

No lies or distortion here, youre the one that said you didnt believe in the literal creation story or the flood account, not me. Btw, you seem to rely on Wiki a lot which isnt always a reliable source and its secular. Perhaps you should check out some Christian sources like Discovery Institute, Institute of Creation Research, Answersingenesis and Creation Research (John Mackay).

Planet Created In Six Days
I already reported the statistics showing the number of scientists that dont believe evolution is very small. ---Rocky on 10/13/11

You did indeed, I just didnt see it. Im not refuting most scientists believe in evolution, but just because they do doesnt make evolution scientific. Just because the majority says it, doesnt mean its true. The majority thought the earth was flat. The majority thought heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects. When one has been indoctrinated with evolution for so long and its presented as the only viable theory, its pretty hard to believe anything else. You should really spend more time finding out why young earth creationists believe what they believe and then youll have a balanced viewpoint.

Planet Created In Six Days
I never said it was allegory. Ever. I stated flood happened. Just like (1500+ application)scriptures on "erets" said it happened. Salvation doesn't hinge on this issue...only truth or... ---Trav on 10/13/11

You certainly doubt the validity of what the bible says about the flood. I never said Salvation hinged on this issue, but its interesting to note that you just pick and choose which parts of the bible to believe.

Planet Created In Six Days
5) Again I never said the flood was untrue. But we do not need the flood to prove God has the ability to judge the world. Its unfortunate that you think so.
Please stop putting words in my mouth then attacking me for your words. It's amazing how many people on this site do just that, repeatedly.
---Rocky on 10/12/11

I personally dont need proof of the flood because I believe Gods word. But how do you think the rest of the world would react if scientists came out and said yes we believe there was a world-wide flood? Youd probably have less people doubting Gods word. Btw, Im not putting words in your mouth, youre doing a fine job saying it yourself.

Planet Created In Six Days
1) I never said the flood was allegory.
2) I never questioned "much of the historicity of the Bible".
---Rocky on 10/12/11

In the World Created in Six Days thread, you said "Still too many different species even to take all as juveniles, let alone have room for food...". So if you dont believe it to be a literal event then what do you believe it to be?? On 10/12/11 in this thread, you said regarding the six days of creation "I believe that it is allegory...". So whos distorting what?? The creation and the flood are two of the most profound events in the bible and you dont believe them to be literal. Personally, I choose to believe the bible until proven wrong. You seem to take the opposite approach.

Want Was Created First

There is nothing wrong with the scriptures at all. You are correct, the animals were created before man in Genesis 1. The context of Genesis 2:15-25 is in the Garden of Eden. God created man, placed him in the Garden and then created more of each kind of animal in the presence of Adam for him to name. It was important for Adam to see the creative hand of God otherwise Satan could say that he did it. This is probably why Satan went to Eve instead of Adam because Eve didnt see God create.

What Do Mormons Believe

Since you like wikipedia so much, wiki "List of the wives of Joseph Smith" - it lists over 40 women. FYI polygamy started BEFORE the trek east. You don't seem to know the history of Mormonism or do you and they have something to hide? What denomination did you say you belonged to, just curious?

Planet Created In Six Days

Lol, keep looking at Wiki for all your answers. Your indoctrination of evolution has blinded you. It won't matter what I present to you, you simply won't believe it. Evolutionists have an agenda and will take was ever action is necessary to protect their religion. As I asked you before, why are there many scientists who don't believe in evolution and many of those who believe in a young earth? Are they not scientific?

Planet Created In Six Days

On what basis do you believe the flood to be an allegory? Sounds like you question much of the historicity of the bible. And yes it is important because people like you cast doubt on much of Gods word, so why should people believe any of it. The flood proves that God has the ability to judge this world and did in fact do as he said he would, you just CHOOSE not to believe it. What do you think he meant in 2 Peter 3:5-6?

Planet Created In Six Days
You miss the entire point. I talked about radiocarbon and radiometric data in addition to geological and other information. Sure they continue to refine the data, but the small changes in no way prove the basic theories are wrong ---Rocky on 10/12/11

No, you missed the entire point, read my post again. Radiometric dates are used if they fall in line with the geologic time scale, the ages of which were arbitrarily set long before radiometric dating was even invented. Also, did you actually read the assumptions built into radiometric dating or are you just going to keep the blinders on? The method used for dating the KBS Tuff was K-Ar, research it for yourself. FYI dates are routinely tossed if they dont fit the evolutionary theory.

World Created In Six Days
Rocky said: See "Geologic Time Scale" article that summarizes the scientific evidence from many sources. I cannot believe you even question that the scientific evidence proves this.

It proves nothing. The geologic time scale dates, which are arbitrary, were made up long before radiometric dating was even invented. Now, when they use radiometric dating, if the date doesnt fit the geologic time scale it gets tossed and they keep testing until they get the date they want. Regarding the flood, 2 Peter 3:1-7 speaks of people like you and Trav, those that scoff and are willingly ignorant of the flood. Believe it to be allegory all you want, but you couldnt be more wrong.

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