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How To Reach Daughter-In-Law
Is there anything about your relationship that indicates trouble?

Do you offer advice she doesn't ask for? Or talk a lot about how you did things? She may see this as intrusive.

I don't want either mother around for awhile after the birth. I want time to bond.

I would also not be comfortable letting either parents care for my new baby. I just need time to adjust and figure out our new family dynamic.

As far as her letting her own mother help, what does that mean? Is her mother washing dishes and cooking dinner?

And as unfair as it may be, the relationship with her own mother is just different. Right now this time really is all about your daughter-in-law getting adjusted and you need to respect her choices.

Person Hurt Me In Church
I cried because I felt betrayed by people who I thought loved and respected me. I withdrew from my duties as a leader and almost from God. The hurt factured all my relationships i began feeling alone , uncovered and thought of leaving my church. I thought i had given it too God but I had not. I realized i needed God to heal me and pour out his grace. I had to forgive and release because it took me from my divine assignment into the realm of bitterness.
Today I am free from all because God has given me peace.

Supernatural God Experience
When I was a lil boy, my grandmom took me to the church, she said: "God will heal you today" I just believe in that words...
I was so sick in that moment, I just wasnt able to walk...
But, when the pastor started praying, I closed my eyes, when he said amem, I was healed, I dont felt anything in special but, the disease was taken from me... God lives...
Jean, from Brazil!

Jesus Change You In 2010
I don't know either, but I am looking forward to what else He has planned for me in being conformed to the image of Jesus.

I Am Having Visions
I cannot profess to be a knowledgeable person about the Bible so I cannot recite scripture like some of you. But I can say that the Holy Spirit has touched me by sending me visions.
I didn't consider myself worthy and and asked many people about them and what their thoughts were. They each told me to pray for validation. I received the validation via a mind-movie. I am now painting the images and will send them to whom I believe God has asked me to send them. If you have been blessed with the touch of the Holy Spirit, pray, thank God, and follow what He has planted in your heart. God bless you all, and I pray that you find your right place with God - for he is loving and wants nothing more but that love to be reciprocated.

Evolution versus Creationism
Put in context, evolution is merely the scientific way of explaining what God has done.

Just like Newton observed gravity, and Einstein found the link between matter and energy, Darwin observed the modus-operendi of how God is working. The "mutations" necessary to inject the variety necessary for the origins of species could be attested to "chance" or God's will.

Evolution does not refute God, but is an explanation of the workings of God, just like all other scientific theories. Science helps us understand the universal "laws" that God has put in place. There can be no "law" or framework of understanding (theory) if there is, in the first place, no law-giver or creator.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
no, i do not believe, being baptised,will save anyone, only by recieving, Jesus, as your saviour, & repenting of your sin, & follow Jesus, amen!! jean8847

Pray In The Holy Ghost
I went on a 21 days fast. At the end of that fast, I realized that I'm praying in an unknown language, even my six years old son brought to my attention that I am speaking spanish whenever I pray.
It's as if I can't control my tongue.

Please respond.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
The NT says Christians should sing psalms. What would be the point in singing psalms if you didn't believe and accept the words of the psalms. So if we sing the 150th psalm it tells us to praise God with all kinds of instruments. How could a person sing that psalm and not obey it?

What If Spouse Withholds
My husband is currently doing this to me right now. We are in counselling, biblically based. He is having trouble blaming me for all the problems in the marriage...says I am the reason for his high blood pressure etc. I am trying to walk in love and forgiveness towards him. I repent and feel like I'm walking on eggshells around him most of the time. I miss sexual expression but the Lord is giving me grace to rise above the need of it. He has withheld from me for 6 months now.

Evolution And Creationism Opposite
I don't believe in the big bang theory or any other type of "off the wall" theory. God created the earth, everything on the earth, in the water, in the sky (including the sun, moon and stars), and everything under the earth. I do believe some things might be interpreted differently between then and now.

Should Christians Smoke
What about all the people in the world today that are fat or obese. Don"t we know that this defiles the temple of the Lord. It can cause high blood pressure, heart trouble, diabtes and on and on. Think about it.

Donald Trump And Rosie Odonnell
I think Donald Trump had every right to give Miss America anouther chance. But I think He should have just let Rosie's comment slide istead of making a big deal of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. After all Christ gave us a second chance when He died on the cross for our sins.

Need A Prayer For The Sick
What is going on with ChristiaNet? Where are the replys and posts? HELLO!

I Hate My Husband
I typed this in google search and this came up. Almost like God wanted me to see it. Im a christian, married 4 years and my husband degrades me with names and says he would like to hit me sometimes. I have 2 kids. He says its my fault if i didnt complain & act mean he wouldnt do it. I do complain alot, and get testy at times, but honestly i dont think im that bad. I feel so alone. I have actually decided that im just gonna live my own life and ignore him, not sure if it'll work

Tongues, Knowledge And Shouting
At the River of Life, Church of God, these manfestations of the Holy spirit would be welcomed and embraced Oh that we would be free to forget about ourself, and concentrate on our Awesome Lord Jesus Christ, and worship Him.

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
Do we not know that Jesus laughed, and his diciples laughed with him?

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