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Will God Forgive A Divorce
I was married with my husband for more than 17 years now. We had 2 sons, both lives with me. On 2004, I saw he was in bed with another woman...he asked for forgiveness and i forgave him. But just last year, we came to know that he converted into Islam and married that woman (whom I saw with him in bed), they already have a 6 year old son. He told me on one of his messages that I have to agree on a co-existing arrangement, in which I refused. Now they both are living together with their son in the country they are working in. What Biblical advise you could give me? I am in a situation wherein he is doing everything to remove me from his life. I am in a dillema right now. Please give me some insights.

Explain 1 Thessalonians 4:16
When Paul says of himself "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" He meant His Born-Again spirit + soul only. Not all versions include "If" at the moment of death the believer......' However 1 Thess 4:16b means "at the trumpet call of God.." Paul's perishable body + other believers who have died will rise first, followed by living Christians. We will all be changed instantly to an imperishable heavenly state. The bible doesnt elaborate on how those Christians who have 'died + are present with the Lord' join again with their new resurrection bods, all we do know is that our earthly tent is changed, God isnt limited by how we die.

Nicene Creed Baptism
Cluny: 'How many times must the Bible say something in order for it to be true?'

Well, you have a point. But what about the robber on the cross, who was NOT baptised, but still was saved?

Is Tithing Mandatory
I think we can always use scripture to argue for or against the same exact point but can we look at it from a modern world view...if we are not tithing then how are we supporting (paying the bills and helping the needy) without tithing??? To my knowledge there is no money tree mentioned in the Bible. The true blessing comes when not only to we tithe because we must financially support our churches and other Christian organizations but then to take it one step further and tithe with a glad heart. God really takes notice of these things! He sees all of our hearts.

Why Did Jesus Wash Feet
It was the ultimately act of servitude and Jesus was washing feet because He believed that He was here to serve us. Can you even imagine!!? Jesus in the flesh and certainly as our Savior in Heaven was the most incredible "Man" ever to place His precious footsteps in on the earth. For me it is like the old parenting adage "lead by example" (which I also believe may be scriptural). How many times have we heard to lead our own children by our actions and not by meaningless word. Words are meaningless if your not "doing, practicing" what you are preaching!!! I am still, after 40 years on this earth, so in awe of Jesus Christ and our BEAUTIFUL FATHER GOD!

Divorce My Lazy Husband
All people who say you have to be stuck to a lazy person for life sound so unchristian, have you ever felt what its like to feel theres no future for you,your children because with your work alone you cannot afford all they need? like health,dentist,etc? And you see your husband not working only looking for fun? someone talked about depression of the poor lazy man, and what about the poor woman who has to be stuck with him? doesnt she suffer depression?
Honey if they havent been in your shoes dont listen!! Theres nothing worse than a lazy man! I say because I have one at home, its horrible and Ill send him back to his mom who raised him that way.For the record when you marry them they are angels, they become demons once youre hooked!

Co-Worker Wastes Time
I agree with Linda.

I know people who do that also!

I have a coworker who can go on her break when ever she feels like it (she isn't ever very late in going but she never goes when she should.

But she sure can tell us when we are to go.

Most of us do go on time -- and when we don't it is because we are helping customers.

She just likes to take her time in going -- she is hardly ever late on going because she is helping a customer.

What Does Jesus Mean To You
The Lord God means everything to me!

Should I Date A Non-Christian
I have to agree with everyone here. Having just been RELIEVED of an entanglement with a nonbeliever, I know God is in control of every part of our lives. Honestly, He just truly knows what's best to us. Of course, this is all Chinese to people who don't believe. Ultimately, you would be missing out on the coolest, most intimate and awesome challenge in a relationship, which Christ alone truly brings.

Husband Had Affair With My Friend
I found out after 33 years of marriage that my husband cheated on me 3 months after we were married, then several times during the marriage. He only confessed after I had recently suspected him and actually found out he was getting ready to cheat again.
I have forgiven him, but the pain is great. God's love has helped me and His amazing grace. I know it will take years to gain back the trust but I am leaning on our Saviour. Prayers for you.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Discuss what child has done wrong and why it's your responsibility to spank him. PROBE HIS HEART!Guide the child in thinking through what he should have done.Use the proper instrument as your spanker. Something with flex to not bruise.Let child know how many swats you're giving.SELF-CONTROL.Spank promptly afteroffense as possible.Administer spanking in private. goal is not to humiliate child, but bring him to repentance. Administer the rod to chlids bottom.Take time for reconciliation. FORGIVE YOUR CHILD. Require child to make restitution. GO BACK AND DO THE RIGHT THING.After spanking, take child into your arms and tell him how much you love him. His slate is clean.He was disobedient and has been properly disciplined. Put the issue to rest.

Does God Forgive Divorce
I just wanted to say that in God's word he says he forgives all who believe. No sin is greater or less than another. A sin is a sin is a sin. That is why Jesus came down and died for us!! God loves us through all we do, as long as we belive in him and confess it with our mouths. I love the fact that God knows when I screw up even before I do and it is the renewing of our mind that he wants. He wants us to pick up our cross and follow him going forward- not backward. I love the fact that my father is an all knowing, all forgiving father. Yo can find all the answers to life in his ever living word. He is so awsome, thank you Lord!!

Call A Priest Father
Jesus teaches us to call His successesors, Father. If you do not believe this is true you are most likely Protestant or even Jewish because you are taking the Bible way to literal. Jesus does say that there is one Father in Heaven and you shall not call anyone else Father which means that you shall not worship any other false gods (ten commandments). If you are having trouble with verses you should ask a local priest not make blogs that aren't true.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Harold exhorts us to read the bible. The bible is God's word. That means it is God's 'voice'. That's how we can hear God tell us when He is returning. That's how Harold hears God, through his word, the bible. I am reading "time has an end" and it's riveting! This man has done extensive study of God's word! The books he sends out are free. The people who support family radio ministry do it because they want to. he is a servant of the Lord who shares what he has learned from bible study. Jen

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
We beleive that spanking is most effective between the ages of about 2 to 10. They will likely be needed less between 11 and 13 or so. From 13 on, I would say they should be rare, but still an option in exceptional case. Our daughter was spanked about a month ago at 15. In our home, all spankings are given either bare bottom or over the panties/underware.

Is Jesus Coming Soon
He already has returned... in judgment... in 70 A.D. with the destruction of Jerusalem. When He said that He would return soon, he meant it! Though some televangelists seem to think "soon" means "thousands of years from that time". psh
Read Matthew 24. In verse 34, He says, "I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened." Hello?! THIS generation = the people at that time.

Am I At The Wrong Church

I know! Many churches are deceived by the "prosperity doctrine". Paul said it best, "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philip. 4:12b-13
Did the Apostles or Jesus push, "Get rich! Here's how!" ? NO
We need to practice being thankful... for good AND bad.

Illegal Worker Wants Money
Any advice from Scripture itself regarding this??

Can Females Wear Pants
what kind of visions do you have, Michelle?

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