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Witnessing To An Atheist
How do they think man ever got here? Hatched? Ape? I would ask how their life is going. And then go from there. cause anyone without God, their life is miserable.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/06

I beg to differ. That's a mighty large claim to make and I think that most atheists would say they are quite happy.

Is Suicide Wrong
I AM a christian and when I am w/ my church family I am so happy, but when I am not w/ them I can't help but to have suicide thoughts. I am so depressed and everything makes me want to die!I love my God very much I know what he did for us yet still sometimes I pray for him to take my life!I don't know what to do!I pray to him every night about it and I am to scared to tell anybody!What should I do?

He Will Not Marry Me Quickly
Well, if it was me, I wouldn't wait a year. I would come right out and ask him how he felt about me before I got too serious about him. Always make your feeling known, then you won't have that problem.
Hugs, Jenna

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