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Can Objects Bring Demons
My daughter so we thought had mental illness and tried getting into the occult and had things she brought home like necklaces and books etc. She stated they helped her "heal" and feel good. She didn't realize the demonic meaning behind them. Once we got her out of the therapist offices and off medication and threw away all her items, her life turned completely around. These items can be demonic. Its not good to let your kids stay alone at all for periods of time. This is real!

God Darwinian Evolution
jerry6593 on 9/26/13: you stated 'Creation took only six days'

Can you show a day in Genesis 1 or 2 was of the same length of time as our days are now?

Evolution Versus Creationism
Warwick: 'And evolution needs no God. '


I brought up the concept of Copernicus because it was a case when the then Church believed something to be against the Bible, when in fact is was not.

The Aristotelian cosmology was indeed faulty, but the complaint of the RCC was simply Copernicus claim that the earth moves. They took some fragments of scripture to indicate that the Bible says the earth is stable

I really started this to ask whether we know what the Bible really means. For as Rome thought the Bible implied the earth was stationary, are we sure we may not be making the same error - not specifically about evolution, but about something we consider the Bible to say

Even though I accept creation

Evolution Versus Creationism
Warwick: 'man-made nonBiblical idea that the sun circled the earth'

They obviously beleived it was Biblical, and one can find a couple of verses that supported the church's view....

However, it is possible, if you look at the Bible in one way, you can certainly read that into a number of verses, such as:

Ps 96:10 ('earth cannot be moved') - this was often used as proof the sun moves around the sun.

Eccl 1:5

There are few other ones as well.

So the Catholics could claim they were saying the same we say about creation/evolution, that's what I'm saying.

We must be careful what we are saying, that's all we must remember

Bible Scriptures On Suicide
Catherine: "Thou shalt not kill"

It is quoted that way in the English versions, but in Greek the word is 'murder' as opposed to 'kill'.

The 'murder' one is actually more logical, given the number of offenses that were to be punished by stoning, and the number of times after the 10 commandments were given that the army of Israel was told to exterminate its enemy.

But that was in war, or for punishment, so while it was killing, it was not murder

I always wonder why they still use 'kill' in English - I learn from friends that almost no other language translates it that way

Michael Jackson A Christian
Jed: 'Most genius scientists and mathematicians have terrible grammar and spelling'

Whether that is true or not I can't say, but could it be.....

Is it not possible that someone has bad grammar and spelling just because they are stupid?

It is also possible, is it not?

Is Social Media Bad
Jed: Are you assuming all 'liberals' support abortion?

You might, for all you know, be wrong

Unless you happen in your house to own a dictionary that says:

'Liberal: A person who believes abortion is correct'

You seem to rant about a lot of types of people, but you never bother to categorize them properly, or list each type of person and what type of person you define in wht way

I fear it is that you do not know English.....

My Husband Is Out Drinking
It is sad to say this, for I know it is painful, but if the both of you are Christian, you should not leave him.

If you are, and you feel you are being treated badly, there is Christs sermon as to what to do in Mat 18:15, what to do if a brother acts badly against you.

If he is not a Christian again I do not see any grounds for you to leave him......

I know that the Christian action of forgiving is painful for us, but it was given to us for a reason - the reason being that we have been forgiven so much

Geocentrism Or Heliocentrism
Neither the sun nor the earth is the center of this universe or any other.

If the universe has a limit (probably it does, I guess), then there must be some center - though it is different if you go spatially or according to the center of mass.

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
For Joe, and others: Before we cast anything out of anyone, we must be sure we know what we are dealing with.

I would feel that you, since from your question you don't seem to have much experience with demons, and neither do I, to find someone in your church who has some ideas of such demons.

Remember the Disciples who tried to deal with the demon they could not

Creation Week Eons Of Time
John.Usa: 'No truly informed person denies that God created the heavens and the earth in 144 hours. Case closed.'

The way you state it makes me assume (as you don't make any other statement) that you take it from reading Gen 1 literally.

Could you confirm this, so the rest of us can KNOW why the case is close.

Please confirm my assumption

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
I know this gift was gave to me to know that demons are here and i feel I have to learn this and cast them out. I feel it in my heart an soul. I am going to fast and pray a lot. Is five days good enough? I fear these things but through God anything is possible.

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
Thank you so much but this one is a familiar spirit and ive got to do something. It never leaves and others come and go but these two I cant handle anymore. The black one is soooo powerful and its really trying to take over my mine and the white one is always showing its self to me and its jealous over me. It lets my husband know all the time. It came at him from my side of the bed as a demon dog. I live for God but 30 years of it I'm going crazy

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
I also have this gift. I'm 30 years old and I'm here to tell you its wild but very scary. Does anyone have them around all the time. I'm talking about demons. I can see them a lot and I am learning more about this gift. But whats scary is they are everywhere. In church. In the store. Everywhere...
Can anyone please tell me more about casting out demons. I'm ready to fight these evil spirits...

Why To Embrace Evolution
Aka: My sincere apologies. Yes, my comment should have been made to Shira, not to you!

I just worry that views in disagreements are sometimes much stronger than they should be, more on personal doctrinal views than on real Biblical matters.

But you are right, it was not actually YOUR comment. Sorry again!

Why To Embrace Evolution
Aka: 'Actually it has made me stronger in the Lord.' (in your reply to Atheist).

That may well be true, but I often see in this blog an alternative reason, which is not Godly. There are times when a disagreement makes a blogger stronger in his/her view, even if the view he/she is disputing (from the other person) is more in keeping with the Bible.

This is something we must ALWAYS be checking ourselves for, because it is all too common

Let us all be checking ourselves for, for our Church members will rarely disagree with us about things that are shared in one church but not in all.

Teach About Santa Claus
Eloy and Rita: PLEASE don't take this as an argument - because it isn't. I am just wondering how S.Claus actually 'keeps people from Christ'.

Maybe I just don't understand something simple. If so, my apologies - really

Why Are You Using Blogs
John: Your last comment is indicating that you view yourself as 'better than the others'.

It is not for nothing that most Christian writers and preachers considered the vice of pride to be the worst of the worldly vices

Government Controlling Churches
Since we know about where Eden was, from the four rivers (somewhere in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan or Israel, or somewhere close), why have we never met the flaming sword from Gen3:24

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