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I Cheated On My Wife
Would someone happen to have the Scripture that says we should forgive ourselves?
You hear that alot, I don't know of a Scripture that says we should forgive ourselves. Love your neighbor/computer dating friend, as yourself is not the same thing.
It is a catch phrasey type of thing, "you need to forgive yourself."

I Cheated On My Wife
Susie, patting pet sins on head, there, there now, is enabling. Some would rather enable than deal with the hard, cold reality that sin is death. If you can't stand the heat, it's time to get out of the kitchen. To restore a Christian is different than pulling someone out of the pit.

I Cheated On My Wife
Dud, I make no promises about restoring your marriage.
You need Jesus Christ. If you knew Him once as a little child, it's time you repented and renewed your heart. It's time for you to crawl out of the pigpen and renew your tastebuds, Dud.

I Cheated On My Wife
I agree with you, Susie.
He's still the same person without Jesus Christ.
He wants what he wants, his wife back after he pulled the rug out from underneath her. Apparently, she's not missing him quite so much. Must have been some filthy communication on those screens. Gag.
I know a man who pulled this same stunt.
When cybertrash was making it on the scene 10 years ago, he began writing women at work.
He spent his working hours wasting taxpayers dollars contacting women.

I Cheated On My Wife
This same man went on a 'trip'. He parked his truck on a hillside, it wasn't quite in gear. It rolled back over him and killed him. He wasn't even 40.
God knows what he was doing before that fateful trip and so do I.
My sympathy for you is zero. I know today, and I mean today, you better get on your kness and repent. Tomorrow may not come.

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