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Man Dinosaur Co-Existed
Warwick: 'Jesus and His apostles quoted from the first 11 chapters of Genesis 107 times'

How many times did they quote from Gen 1 (creation), which is the real dispute here?

Spare The Rod Spoil Child
Catherine on 6/24/13: Since you would not hit a child, what WOULD you do to a child who was clearly doing things that should not be done, multiple times?

Say your 10-year old got out of his bedroom at night, took your car out and crashed it into a lamp-post? (say he managed) What would you do?

Teen Skin Cutter
well i am a teen cutter myself and i think that u should just find out why she is cutting. you might in fact be the problem. if it were me i would refuse counsling also.

Is Depression An Evil Spirit
I am proof that depression is a spirit. I went to sleep yesterday afternoon happy as can be... I wake up with sad feelings, and my mind feeling like it was being attacked by demons... I prayed the spirit(s) off of me and the feelings left right then and there.

My Daughter Or My Babysitter
confront them in front of each other

Why Only Men Wrote The Bible
While the authors of the biblical books were all men, there were some old testament "prophets" (ones though whome God spoke) that were women. They were: Miriam, Deborah and Huldah. Part of it I think too was that the majority of women during OT/ NT times could not read or write. True, God could have worked with this, but still.

Love Of Money Root Of Evil
I think it is true. But I also believe that being rich, unless you use it wisely (not just for yourself/ your family) can be a problem as well. Think about all those people who were once rich, and then one day were bankrupt.

Is Jesus Lower Than Angels
I know there is a part in the old testament (I believe Moses and the burning bush), where Moses asks who he should say sent him, and God replys "I AM." Somewhere in one of the Gospels Jesus calls himself "I AM." We all know that angels are lower then God, and therefore, if God AND Jesus are both I AM, then angels ARE lower then Jesus.

Can Miracles Happen Today
I believe that miracles do happen today, but not the Benny Hinn sort. People often enough are healed miraculously from cancer and other illness with no eartly explanation. These are miracles of God!

Is Birth Control Wrong
Ok Candice, one can downsize. But take the 19 kids and counting family. What if the husband suddnly lost his job/ couldn't work anymore. This could be a situation where they could no longer afford to maintain their house (electricity, and such), or where they couldn't afford gas for their bus. But because of the size of their family, those things are a necessity. Take a family who has a morgage on a three bedroom house. They have 4 kids, so its 2 people a bedroom (mom/ dad, and 2 kids one room, 2 kids the other room). If they had another child, making it so they could not afford their house, what would they do? While they could move to a smaller house, what if no house they could afford had enough bedrooms large enough to fit more then 2 beds?

End-Time Visions And Dreams
i had a dream a little over a year ago.. and i don't really know how to contact someone who can tell me exactly what this dream means, but i was just wondering if anyone in here could help me.

i was in rome, everyone was running and i was running away from someone, the person everyone was running from was killing people. i ran so far into the woods and came across 3 huge thrones, i stood there staring at them and 3 men in very elaborate red robes came out & sat in the thrones. i asked them what was going on, why this guy was killing people, one of them simply replied "the world is ending." and then i woke up.

can anyone help me? what does this mean? it's bothered me for over a year and it kind of scares me...

24 Elders Of Heaven
The 24 elders are te counselr of God. When God wants to do something he consorts them and they counsel amungst themselves. Thier only assignment in Heave is to bow down and worship God all the time. They are not identified or no one knows who they are except God. They are his cabinet members (just how Pres. Obama has cabinet members - God has his counsel). Amen

Evolution versus Creationism
Evolution versus Creationism....hmm how can you even hold them against eachother . they are like apples and oranges... life had to occur and things then had to change over time.. im very young and i can recognize that.

Will A Degree Help My Career
Yes, an associate degree can help to achive career goals, depending on what those goals are. Although I have a four-year degree (my career goals could not be fulfilled with Assoc. degree) I know many successful people who have 2 yr. degrees. Go for it because you can always return to school for BA or MA.

Falsely Accused By CPS
Yep, Falsely accused alot of people have been including myself at the moment. There are lots of step you have to go through. Search the internet you will see. Good Luck. I am going through it too.

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