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Rome And Churches Of The East
Cluny: I type in my signature line.//


I will try it now.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Because nothing unholy can enter Heaven.

So God was warning Adam and Eve what would happen to them if they sin.

It wouldn't be nice of God if He didn't tell us.

God is just and kind.

He even made plans to Save us Himself because He knew we would sin anyway.

Western Eastern Religions
StrongAxe: than we would want the world to judge Christianity by Branch Davidians or Westboro Baptists (that most Christians repudiate).//

If there were millions of Christians acting like Westboro Baptists I would understand.

Unlike the majority of Muslims we criticize our own bad Christians.

Modern Muslims are too afraid to speak against the extremists because even they know they could get killed.

More Muslims are killed by ISIS than Christians.

At least Jerry and I care about Muslims enough to speak out against ISIS.

Silent isn't the answer.

Muslims are dying because of people like you are in denial.

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