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Mormon Witness The Most
Kelly-First, not everyone that says he is G-d is really of Him. Beware that the adversary hides himself as an angel of light. No, Moses led over 600K Israelites and Egyptians out of Egypt and most followed him. Read Numbers 16 to find out what happened to some of those who rebelled.
Yes. G-d can still speak to people today. However, anything He says will not contradict what is alreay written. Read the LDS doctrine and you will find contradictions with the Bible and within LDS writings.

What Does Repentance Mean
Forgiveness is placing the responsibility on someone else to erase the sin the sinner has committed. Repentance is the sinner taking responsibility for his own actions, by acknowledging his sin and covenanting with G-d not to do it.
No one can quit sinning-its human nature-but we can try to sin less.
We should feel G-dly sorrow for our sin, not sorrow because we are caught.
Being saved is a way of life- not just a quick salvation prayer-and we all should live our lives pleasing to G-d.

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