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What Day Is The Sabbath
To me,the 7th day he rested.God did not have a calender for such things.So i would immagine,as long as we try to rest after seven days of work,it would be adequate.Society,as we know it,will not always let us get off work on a given day sometimes.
So i think it was a margin to let us know we need rest.The word Sabbath in that language would probably mean Saterday.And they used it, being their last day of the week,in those days.You can go to church,or read the Bible any time you want.Why the bicker?

How Was Eve Deceived
To Shari,
About you thinking about being equel,i have never seen man getting his fair share that he worked so hard for. Even today,women spend most of their earned money on themselves,or trinkets for the house,of which they keep most in the end. Sorry,but i've been divorced three times now.Not even the forth helps me with much of the bills in life. Pay half of everthing,and then you should get half.But never more,as is.

Is God A Male Or Female
According to any scriptures that i have ever heard or read,no one knows. Not even Moses. But i guess his hair turned white after being with the fire finger of God. Did it ever accure to anyone that Got might be an enormous concentated energy matter? And that is why you can't look at him. So that maybe God is not a he or she. And that is why he created Jesus,in that he would be of his own image as a person.

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