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Is America Becoming Communist
What is the point of this blog?

Finish Here December 2017
Rob, great point about the Foster Care system. My guess is it's not so easy to adopt those kids because frequently the parents will not allow that to happen. The parents are just incapable people, but still have rights to their children who stay in foster care. It takes a lot of time and money to adopt kids because there are so few due to the abortions.

Maybe the foster care laws should be changed to increase the adoption rates.

Finish Here December 2017
Are there really 100,000 babies waiting to be adopted?

I have friends adopting babies from Africa because they can't locate any babies here in the USA. The wait list even from Africa is long.

Finish Here December 2017
Rob it's called adoption not abortion.

Sins Of Virgin Mary
What part of "all" omits Mary?

Everyone should know that Nicole is Cluny so take all the comments with a grain of salt.

Sins Of Virgin Mary
What part of "all" omits Mary?

Sins Of Virgin Mary
Where in the Bible does it says Mary was Saved at conception?

Sins Of Virgin Mary
What sins did Joseph commit? Give book, chapter and verse. Wait a minute, maybe all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God?

Authority Of Satan And Demons
Only what we allow.

Bigfoot Sasquatch Skuck-Ape
Who truly knows the truth on this.

Gender Neutral Movement
This is crazy stuff.

Evolution Biblical Concept
Of course evolution is a man made concept.

Pope's Belief In Evolution
The Pope is still learning, but not correct.

Baptism Scares Me
It is important to read the Bible.

Paddle Teenage Daughters
Ground teenagers, however if they are 10 or younger of course a spanking may be appropriate.

Violated My Marriage Vows
In what way did you violate your marriage vows? Adultery or abandonment? If adultery have you repented to your spouse? If abandonment have you considered returning?

Christian Catholics
Cluny how long have you been a Monk?

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